Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to the article about unlicensed contractors in the March 28 edition.The article implies that unlicensed contractors are shady fly-by-night crooks and should not be hired.

There are several states back east that do not require a contractor to have a state license if they choose not to. Studies have proven that it makes little to no difference as to the quality of the work done or the contractor’s honesty. You can have dishonest, shoddy workmanship from a licensed contractor and you can have very professional top quality work from an unlicensed contractor. I cannot be contradicted on this because I have personally seen it work.

The reason it is illegal in Nevada is because most of our politicians come from our largest population base, Clark County. Clark County is heavily unionized and very socialistic in its ideas and actions. These uninformed power mongering politicians are lobbied by the unions and others to limit competition, keep government control and increase prices as much as 100 percent. These kinds of laws take away your freedom to choose who you want to hire and makes you choose only expensive government contractors. Remember, government always makes things cost more, always.

The laws requiring someone to hire a government licensed person is wrong, limits competition, gives government bureaucrat’s dictatorial power and is just plain not needed. In the words of a great president, “government is not the solution, it is the problem.”

There are many social networking websites to go to and choose a good qualified contractor, like Angie’s List, or Craigslist. We already have laws on the books that protect us from someone cheating us and we do not need this law.

James Montgomery



Dear Editor,

I would like to apologize to anyone that was affected by the water alert/boil order. I didn’t realize that when I chose to trespass on the city’s water facility, that any of this would happen. I cut the locks on the gate and tower so I could see inside the tank. I did not contaminate or touch the water in anyway. I would like to sincerely apologize for my poor decision, and hope no major harm came from my actions.

Dee Fullmer



Dear Editor,

Three amazing young men from Ely came to our rescue on Sunday. Our truck was in dire need of help and we were stuck at Love’s gas station outside of LasVegas. Cody and Chase Odgers and Stensen Volger offered assistance and five hours later we were on our way to Ely and then to WA state. Ely,you are so fortunate to call these three upstanding young men your own. Good job Ely and thanks Cody, Chase and Stensen. You are the best!

Sherrill & Linda West