Warren Lynn Tilley was an amazing man. He was born March 8, 1968 in New Jersey to parents, Robert and Sharon Tilley.  Throughout  his life he has done many things, gone many places and touched the lives of everyone he met on the way. Warren was an amazing chef and worked at many restaurants, including the Hotel Nevada, where he would meet his wife of 20 years, Deborah Black. Warren and Deb conceived four beautiful children; Sharal Danielle, Johnathan Mooney, Nicole Renee and Amanda Lynn. He also has a little grandson, Koby who he loved very much.

Warren was an amazing husband and outstanding father to all of his kids. A wonderful son to his mother, Sharon and a great brother to his older brother Bob and two older sisters, Jeanette and Cheryllynn. He was such a great friend and just all around person to everyone he met. He was  sweet and caring towards everyone and would help out anyone he could.

Warren Tilley was also a phenomenal musician and artist. He has been the bass player for the local band Tantrum for many years and definitely had his own unique touch on anything he played.

He also worked at the local grocery store, Ridleys and has worked at that store since it was Gormans Market. He was such a hard worker and still managed to have fun with his kids.

The memory or Warren will always live on. He has changed many people’s lives. His family will be having a celebration of his life at the park, where there will be many artists playing in tribute to  him. The family will let everyone know when the date of the celebration will be.

Rest in Beautiful Paradise our Beloved Warren Tilley. March 8, 1968 – April 7, 2014