By Garrett Estrada

Ely Times Staff Writer

Local Ely entrepreneurial brothers Harwinder Sidhu and Harry Chahal have been running small businesses in rural Nevada for over a decade. The pair own and operate the Chevron gas station and the All-American Liquor store in Ely, as well as other franchises in Eureka and Battle Mountain, but they aren’t done expanding.

The pair are hard at work at bringing their next small business to town, a sit down pizza restaurant. Currently under construction, the “Pizza Factory” will offer diners an “all you can eat” pizza and salad buffet from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. on weekdays, as well as offer other menu items such as spaghetti, lasagna and sandwiches.

“When we were looking at what kind of restaurant we wanted to open, we felt like the community didn’t have something like this, so we wanted to give them that option,” Chahal said.

He added that the pizza would all be made from fresh ingredients each morning.

“All our dough and cheese is freshly made in house each day,” he said.

Being part of a national franchise, the brother “Pizza Factory” location will boast such offerings as being able to order online and even join a text message club that sends out daily food specials.

Danny mentioned that the “Factory’s” staff of more than 25 people will allow the location on Aultman Street do deliver food to “anywhere in Ely, Ruth, McGill and potentially Lund.” But the business-minded brothers have even bigger plans for future catering once their doors open.

“I’ve been a resident and business owner in Ely for over 10 years and my brother and I want to do whatever we can to give back to the community,” Danny said. “We want to work with the high school or prison or even the mines to provide cheap catering for our pizzas. The restaurant would also like to partner with local fundraising efforts to provide pizzas for the variety of different community events that go on here.”

Chihal hopes the Factory’s “big menu and selection of 30 different toppings” as well as their ability to serve beer and wine will help differentiate their establishment from the several other pizza offerings currently available in town.

In addition to the regular restaurant seating, Chihal also said they will have a meeting room for public and private parties to gather and hold meetings, birthday parties, or whatever else for just the price of a pizza.

Danny said that the Pizza Factory will be “coming soon.” Chihal estimates they will open their doors sometime in May.