Summer is trying to get here. We have warm then the cold, sunshine then rain and snow. I do feel that summer will win out and we will have a nice warm wonderful summer.


Things that mentally strong people don’t do.

Feeling like you’re owed.

You aren’t owed anything in life. You were born; the rest of it is up to you. Life doesn’t owe you anything. Others don’t owe you anything. If you want something in life you only owe it to yourself to go out and get it. In life there are no handouts.


May 16 is the Nevada Open Road Challenge . Starts at the High School Parking lot to the Convention Center .

May 17 – Nevada Open Road Challenge . Broad bent Park.

May 18 – Nevada Open Road Challenge  from Lund to Hiko.

May 24 – 9 AM to 2 PM Color Me Ely color run will take place all around the Ely area

The answer to last weeks question – the original color of Coca-Cola was green

New question – What do clocks today have that Clocks made before 1687 did not have.


Fascinating Facts

During World War II a German boat was sunk by a truck. The U-boat in question attack a convoy in the Atlantic and then rose to see the effect. The merchant ships sank had materials strapped to its deck including a fleet of trucks, one of which was thrown into the air by the explosion landing on the U-boat and breaking it’s back.



Monday – Oven fried chicken, Au gratin potatoes, veggies and fruit

Tuesday – pancakes, eggs, sausage and fruit

Wednesday – sweet-and-sour pork, brown rice, cauliflower and peaches

Thursday – roast beef, gravy with mashed potatoes,squash medley and apricots

Friday – chicken salad sandwich, minestrone soup fruit and dessert


The Road Is Before Us Allows! The road is before us!

It is safe –  I have tried it – my own feet have tried it

Well – be not detain’d!

Let the paper remain on the desk unwritten, and thebook on the shelf unopen’d!


Let the tools remain in the workshop! Let the money remain unearn’d!

Let the school stand! Mind not the cry of the teacher!

Let the preacher preach in his pulpit! Let the lawyer plead in the court and the judge expound the law.

Comer ado, I give you my hand!

I give my love more precious than money,

I give you myself before preaching or law;

Will you give me yourself? Will you come travel with me?

Shall we stick by each other as long as we live?

Walt Whitman