Ely, NV – William Bee Ririe Hospital and the Federal Trade Commission are warning White Pine County residents to be on the lookout for scam phone callers posing to be from the William Bee Ririe Rural Health Clinic.

We have been notified that this is a nationwide scam that has been targeting residents of White Pine County that have been recently seen at the clinic.  We have received numerous phone calls from residents reporting that they have been receiving these calls.

These callers are specifically looking for you to refill prescriptions over the phone and will try to gather your credit card information while doing so.  They may even claim you are no longer able to fill your prescriptions from local pharmacies, but must use their service.  This is not true.  Do not give them any personal information or money.  You can continue to use your current pharmacy for your prescription needs.  Be on the lookout for calls that are initiated with an automated system, rather than a live person.  The callers may be pronouncing the name of the facility incorrectly.

Please be informed that these phone calls are not from William Bee Ririe Health System and we do not call anyone at home regarding prescription drugs.

To help us better identify the person(s) behind this scam, if you do receive a call please try to gather the following information:

  • Phone number call comes from.
  • Phone number caller asks you to call back.
  • Name of caller (if the caller identifies themselves).


This information can be turned over to the Better Business Bureau, Attorney General’s Office, and Federal Trade Commission in an effort to end this scam.  If you have any of the previously mentioned information please contact Keva Harrison, William Bee Ririe Public Relations Director, at 775-289-3612 Ext. 346.  You can also call 1-877-FTC-HELP or visit ftc.gov/complaint to file concerns about this scam.

To ensure your privacy is more fully maintained, William Bee Ririe does not use any automated calling systems, this includes our over-the-phone patient satisfaction surveys done by JL Morgan and Associates.  A live person will always be used when you are called by a representative of our facility to give you a better opportunity to verify the legitimacy of the call.