To the EDITOR:

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We would personally like to thank the Robinson Nevada Mining Company for the Honor Flight Trip to Washington D.C.

From the flight to the buses, hotels, food and the sight at the memorial will never be forgotten.

The crew from the mine that went with us was wonderful and treated all of us great.

Thanks to the children who wrote the letters to the veterans. Also, Richard Howe and the Honor Flight Southern Nevada who was great on the trip.

It was a very much appreciated trip.

John & Peggy Hironymous


To the EDITOR:

I am curious about the significance of your 5×9” article and 5×6” picture of Mr. Leslie Warner, an inmate at the N. Nevada Correctional Center, who passed away on 4/28/14 of “a chronic medical condition.”

Your announcement lists all his convictions in detail and his sentences.  It seems to me that this “obituary” would have no bearing on the citizens of Ely unless Mr. Warner had ties to Ely and his funeral is to be held here.

Since I saw no mention of either, it appears that this was nothing more than “sensationalism” meant to applaud the death of a convicted sex offender who died in custody.  You seem to be shouting”GOOD!  He finally got what he deserved!”

It is very disappointing that a “newspaper” finds the death of an inmate in another location with no ties to Ely newsworthy.  Were you alerting the public to yet another death of an inmate  being held in the custody of the NDOC, the 15th in the last 6 months, or was it the nature of this man’s despicable crimes?  Mr. Warner was convicted for heinous crimes and was serving his time for those crime as he should.  Most of us have never committed felony crimes but that does not give us a license to judge those who have — that is for God to do.  Rather than judge and condemn one another, why not do something to affect positive change in our society?

If you’re hard pressed to fill space, why not look for the good work done in the community by the unsung heros among us rather than plaster the sins of a man as a bogus “obituary” so that his death can be celebrated?

Gayle Ayala


To The Editor:

The Ely Tree Board would like to extend its’ profound thanks to the volunteers who made this year’s Arbor Day such a success.  The Nevada Shade Tree Council was extremely generous in its support of the Ely Tree Board, their funding allowed us to purchase 20 trees and pay for the irrigation system at the Aquatic Center to maintain those trees.

The Ely Girl Scouts, along with other members of the community turned out to get 12 trees in the ground along the front and east boundaries of the Center.  The Tree Board was also able to donate 2 more trees that will be planted in the landscaping in front of the building.  The 4-H also had a great turnout and planted 6 trees at the fairgrounds.

The last 3 trees were donated from Robinson Mining, Midway Gold and Dale Derbidge and were planted at the golf course with the help of Mr. Derbidge and Amanada Hilton Eldridge.  A huge thanks also goes out to Mike Lemich and to Wheeler Machinery.  They donated equipment and Mike his own time to help get the irrigation system at the pool dug and installed, for getting the ground prepped for planting and for the chips to mulch the area around each tree.  Jay Derbidge was also of great assistance in getting the equipment moved around.  Thanks to Bill Calderwood and his staff for all the help getting the irrigation systems at the pool and fairgrounds squared away and for digging the holes at the fairgrounds and golf course.

Finally, thanks to the Tree Board members.  Without them none of this could have been possible.

Bill Wolf

Chairman Ely Tree Board