To the Editor:

McGill Revitalization Associations, along with Andy McVicars, Hal Hollingsworth and the McGill Volunteer Fire Department are all working together to restore the McGill baseball park. Over the years the grass has taken over the baseball diamonds. McGill now has a little league team and t-ball team. The children and families use the field as it is now. But deserve a true baseball field. It’s time to restore the baseball field. There’s plans to restore the Grand old baseball park, but we are starting with the Little League field. The biggest cost is going to be for clay. Once the infield is completed the teams can begin to use the field for practice.

Businesses of White Pine Co. will be seeing a letter of request and invoices of the material needed to make this happen. Donation will be appreciated, or volunteer to help us reach our goal.

We are looking forward to working side by side with the McGill residents in restoring our park.

Please help us reach our goal. Contact anyone of us to volunteer: Andy McVicars 235-7433; Hal Hollingsworth 235-7938; Joni Drahos 235-7270; Cynthia Angelopoulos 235-7386; Teri Curto 289-2439; Brenda McConaha 235-7658, or mail donation to McGill Revitalzation Association, Box 548, McGill, NV 89318