Gary Cook Photo The “Cold Steel Racing” team left to right: Emerson Scott, his father Paul Scott, navigator Robin Brockman, Ken Steffan and Daniel Fisher.

Gary Cook Photo
The “Cold Steel Racing” team left to right: Emerson Scott, his father Paul Scott, navigator Robin Brockman, Ken Steffan and Daniel Fisher.

As I wandered through the Nevada Open Road Challenge driver reception last Friday, I encountered an interesting person. He was like many of the people at the reception but he just “looked interesting.” His name was Paul Scott.

As we began to talk, Paul informed me that he was a driver in the race and that his racing team, “Cold Steel Racing,” was participating in this year’s Challenge. He told me of his love for the old Ford Mustangs, specifically the 1967-73 models, although he was still looking for that perfect 1965 model.

He was very personable and I discovered that he was from Didsbury, Alberta, which is located near Calgary in Canada. This was his 15-year anniversary participating in the Silver State Classic Challenge and you could tell it was something he truly enjoyed. In his “real” job he is an airline pilot for JAZZ, which is a feeder airline that provides service to several major cities in the US and Canada.

I thought that speed would not be a big deal to him…after all, how different could it be flying at 500 miles per hour versus driving at high speed, but boy was I wrong. He was passionate, talking about his favorite moments at the Silver State.

“Driving at 140 miles per hour in an old Mustang, now that is FUN”, stated Scott, as a big smile crossed his face.

I would imagine that the same sentiment would rest with each of the drivers in the race, as well as the same passion for their particular choice of car, but as for Paul Scott, he was also visibly proud of his race team as well. Members of his team include his son, Emerson Scott, who drives a 1973 Mustang Mach I. Emerson lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, and you can tell that Paul is happy to have his son involved. Robin Brockman is Scott’s navigator and she currently resides in Twin Falls, ID, but did live in Ely at one time. She is a bundle of energy and you can tell that she is not going to take any, well, let’s say guff, from anyone. Then there’s Ken Steffan, a very quiet, reserved man who drives a “cool” (yes, I said cool) 1972 Dodge Charger. Ken actually hails from Reno. He’s all business, but did manage to smile when he spoke about the Charger. Rounding out the team is Daniel Fisher, who is a co-driver with Emerson Scott. Fisher is from Calgary.

This team was formed over time, with the friendships that were made during previous Silver State Classic events, and you can tell they all really like each other.

It was a great pleasure talking with these folks. Just seemingly regular people, who do extraordinary things, like fly airplanes and drive old race cars at 140 miles per hour. In my own mind, I picture all of them as the essence of what the Nevada Open Road Challenge and Silver State Classic is all about: down to earth, good folks who just want to do a little racing and have a little fun. As for how they all finished, the official results were not available at press time. But one thing is certain.

Paul Scott will be back in September to race again. You can only imagine that this is type of story that founder Steve Waldman envisioned when he started all this some 27 years ago…just a good group of people getting together to do a little racing.  I think I can see Steve smiling all the way to Calgary right now.