To the Editor

From The Zoo to You: This notice was supposed to be in the letter to the Editor last week, but due to a glitch, it didn’t make it. Effective May 31, 2014, Thrifty Tails thrift store, the store The Zoo maintained as one of its fundraisers (an important one) is closed.  The Zoo will continue with its primary program which is our low cost spay and neuter program.  The Zoo is not going anywhere, we will continue to be the voice and work toward helping the animals of White Pine County in more efficient ways.  We have been working very hard for the past 8 years and we have made some huge dents in the progress of eliminating unwanted animals through spay and neutering, finding good homes and literally buying them the time they need to be adopted to the right homes.  I am afraid that a lot of the work is being compromised by “groups” out there that are not taking spay and neutering seriously and a lot of animal swapping is going on just to get these animals out the pound and being released to people who cannot even have animals or they were being sent to other shelters/pounds without any paper trail. Where did they go, to whom and for what purpose? In my opinion one reason may be to boast that no animals have been or are being “put down”, but at what cost to the animals?  Also, a lot of the animals that are being swapped around on Facebook are not spayed and neutered, so you have accomplished nothing!   It was The Zoo that initiated the City to enforce its own law that any animal adopted from the pound must be spayed or neutered, this is an NRS. This has been a city ordinance for years now, but never enforced. It has taken fifteen months to get the city to comply!   With The Zoo’s low cost spay and neuter program or anyone else’s spay and neuter program, there really is no excuse for not spaying and neutering your pets or strays or not adopt from the pound to save an animal because you cannot afford it.  Without the store, the Zoo will no longer be able to network animals, but the new folks that are taking over the store, T-n-T Hidden Treasures have plans to keep it much the same as The Zoo’s philosophy, especially when they become a non-profit organization, but I will let them explain their plans for themselves.

T-n-T Hidden Treasures and The Zoo will work together by referring to our spay and neuter program.  Please do not forget The Zoo when donating. We will no longer have the much needed income that the store generated. We will continue to ask that you donate your Ridley’s Advantage points (that you are not using) at our sign-up every November (it needs renewal every year). I cannot express my gratitude to all the people in this community who have supported us not only financially, but with your friendship.  You can sign up for our low cost spay and neuter program by calling (775) 289-3252. The cost for dogs is $60.00 and for cats $30.00. The Zoo pays the difference of the real cost. Please, this is a low income program.  Any animal adopted from the pound will automatically get the low cost rate. This is not an emergency program, so it may take a day or two to get back to you.  Our mailing address for correspondence and monetary donations is The Zoo, Inc. PO Box 151896, Ely, Nevada  89315. Your support for this program is greatly appreciated.

Brenda Alexander

The Zoo, Inc.