The White Pine High School baseball team might not have finished the season with a winning record, but head coach Quinn Ewell said that he watched individual players make a lot of progress over the course of the season. Now that Ewell’s first season as a head coach of the team has come to an end, the coach reflected on what he learned and how he thought the team made good strides despite their record.

“The commitment level is what was key this year. I really wanted players to come out and work hard,” Ewell said. “They raised themselves to that expectation and I’m proud of them for doing that.”

The Bobcat’s finished the 2013-2014 season with a 4-17 record. It was a minor improvement over their 2-17 record from the year before. While losing 17 games is never something a coach wants for his team, Ewell stressed that the adversity helped grow his young team.

“We were not the same team at the end  by the end of the year,” Ewell said. “Players continually improved. Some went from me closing my eyes everytime they went to catch a ball to being certain that they would. It’s those kind of things that stack up when you have a young team going into the next season.

It wasn’t just Ewell who noticed the improvement either. He mentioned that even rival high school Lincoln’s coaches made comments about how the Bobcats progressed from their beginning of the year scrimmage until their end of season game.

“Their coaches paid us some great compliments about how much better we had gotten,” Ewell said. “I mean, they were one of the top teams in the conference, but by the end of the season, we really played them hard and gave them a good game.”

Several of the Bobcat players were even named to the All-Conference team. Mike Williams was named to the first team all conference and Kade Britton was named to second team all conference with an honorable mention going to AJ Watts.

“That was a cool thing for them, they really played well all season and I was happy for them,” Ewell said.

With his first season now in the books, Ewell looked back and recognized that he too still needs to develop and learn if the team is to move forward and eventually accomplish their goal of making it to the playoffs.

“I learned a lot this season, like how to connect with the boys. Looking at how everything turned out, I’m going to change up some of the drills that we do in practice and fine tune some of our ways of getting the guys ready for a game next season.”