To my mind this weather is not warm, it is hot and uncomfortable. The moths seem to be going wild at this time of year. I have them in my house and my car, and in the bushes. I wish there was something around that would eat them quickly. Other than my complaints, it has been a very fun and active week. The city of Ely is looking quite nice after it’s clean up. Curbs are being painted, however there are a lot more curbs to be painted. Benches and flowerpots are being placed all over town and you can participate in doing this.


Nevada facts and trivia

Pershing county, located in cowboy country features the only round courthouse in the United States. Update: The Bucks County Courthouse in Pennsylvania, constructed in 1960, is considered round. Now there are two.


June 13 – Railroad Reality Week

All day state high school rodeo the County Fairgrounds

All day Pony Express Reride starting at the Utah /Nevada Stateline

June 14 – Fears, Tears and Beers

Friends of the NRA banquet at the Bristlecone Convention Center

White Pine couples golf tournament at the White Pine golf course

Railroad safety training week number two at the Nevada Northern


June 20-22 Snake Valley Festival in Baker Nevada

June 21- Ruth Mining Days.

June 27 – Cocktails and Cannons at the Ramada Inn Copper Queen Casino parking lot.

June 27-28 The Great Bathtub Boat Races at Cave Lake State Park

June 28 – White Pine Gymkhana at the White Pine County Fairgrounds

Now if you can’t find any thing interesting or fun to do in June, just wait until July.!

The answer to last week’s question.

What did Paul Revere shout on his famous midnight ride?

“The regulars are out!”

New question

English ships once carried the lines to protect sailors from scurvy; what did American vessels carry?


Fascinating facts:

Honeybees never sleep.



Monday — Baked fish, Greek roasted potatoes, zucchini and fruit

Tuesday — Turkey roast with stopping and gravy, veggies and fruit

Wednesday — Chef salad with the role and three

Thursday — barbecue pork sandwich on a bun, salad and fruit

Friday — Nacho tostado with trimming, fruit and dessert


The “No Hug” Rule

College life was more challenging

Then he ever could have hope

There was no time to respond to letters

His mother often wrote

He was a grown adult now

Too old for all that stuff

His visits during holidays

Would have to be enough

Besides midterms were quickly coming.