To The Editor

First, the campaign experience, it was definitely outside of the box for me, but throughout the time up to, and including the Primary I have met a lot of wonderful people and even now continue to enjoy the camaraderie of those at the Senior Nutrition Center- thank you, all of you for your support and encouragement.

As for the results of the election I of course felt ‘deflated’, but at the same time it was truly a humbling experience to receive the number of votes that I did; thank you to all of the people of White Pine County who supported me with their votes as well as those of you who gave me permission to post my signs on your property.  I want to especially thank Brent, my husband and ‘campaign manager’ for taking time away from things that needed to be done, but instead drove me around, put up signs and even now is trying to get around to take them all down; thank you honey for your encouragement and patience with all of the campaign issues as well as with me.  Thank you too to my son Bobby and daughter Michelle and all of my grandkids for your ‘vote’ of confidence in me, thank you Monica, my ‘daughter’, for your time, your energy and effort that went into creating my mailers as well as for all of your support.  And to all of you who made a point of newly registering and even changing your party affiliation to support me, a big thank you.  Thank you also to all of you who were unable to vote on the closed ballot in the Primary but gave me your vote of support and who given the opportunity told me you were voting for me in the General Election.

There is also a special little girl that I want to say thank you to; every time I saw you, you told me that you wanted to vote for me, but you couldn’t because you weren’t old enough, well Megan Dunn, the fact that you wanted to, although you are only seven years old is a vote good enough for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And finally, but not the least of all, I thank Him, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He carried me through this process from start to finish and He was always in control.

Thank you everybody,

Elizabeth “Beth” Rose

Former Candidate for

White Pine County Clerk


To the wonderful town of Ely:

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Ely at the end of April for Rural Round Up. While I have visited Ely many times in the past, this visit was one of the most memorable. Visiting the Village and riding the train were awesome. Howard Bohrn from the Museum was so very informative, what a treasure you have in him.  The BBQ after the train ride was indescribably delicious. The hospitality shown by the entire town went above and beyond all expectations. A special shout out to the very patient and kind bartender at the Nevada, I believe his name is Wally. He needed to use all of his patience on Thursday night, I am sure.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can not wait to return with my family to explore even more of your wonderful town in the near future.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Kitty Nash

Secretary of Cowboy Country

Account Manager – KRJC 95.3 FM

“Pure Country”