From The Zoo to You:

There is a program that some people may not be aware of, it is called TNR (Trap, Neuter (Spay) and Release).  There is a couple in Ely, Tina and David (I won’t mention their last names because they don’t know I am writing this) that have taken on a monumental task of TNR in their neighborhood.  Since last year, they have personally trapped, spayed/neutered and released all the adult cats that have been living and breeding in their neighborhood. With The Zoo’s help in spaying the released adults for free and then networking the kittens for adoption, which The Zoo pays for the first shots and the future spay/neuter and help from one of our vets, Robin, they have accomplished the spay and neutering of 38 cats.  There is another person John who provides food to feed the released cats. Last year’s kittens have all been adopted and we have lots more this year that need homes.  They can be seen (and are beautiful) and adopted at The Zoo’s old location which is now TnT Hidden Treasures 1144 E. Aultman St. For a $35.00 adoption fee, you can take one home (or two). The Zoo now only provides spay and neuter services, but the kittens can be networked in other ways.  What this couple has done for the cat overpopulation problem in Ely is tremendous.  Thank you all.  There is a statistic that two original male and female cats can produce over seven years (by their offspring and their offspring and so on) 480 thousand cats. Imagine that!  So if you are feeding feral/stray cats, please have them fixed and The Zoo will help you.  Please continue to feed them after you have them fixed. By feeding them without being altered, you are only keeping them healthy enough to breed and adding to heart wrenching overpopulation of these cats. It is all of our responsibility. Like Tina and David, it is one block at a time and it’s a great volunteer calling also.  Please call The Zoo at (775) 289-3252 for assistance.

Thank you,

Brenda Alexander, 

The Zoo, Inc.