Marg Degler1Marg Degler passed away on Tuesday, June 17, 2014, at the W. B. Ririe Hospital in Ely, Nevada.  She was 90. Margaret Ellen Yelland Lani Degler was born on February 4, 1924, on the Yelland Ranch in North Spring Valley, Nevada.  She was the 5th child born to Louis A. Yelland and Marion E. Phillips Yelland; her youngest brother born in 1926.  She went to the Taft School with her siblings in No. Spring Valley.  Being red-headed and quite a tomboy; her spunkiness and determination kept her brothers on their toes.

In 1926 her Father was killed in a freak accident on the ranch when dragged by a horse. Marg was 2 months shy of being three years old when he passed; and had no memory of him.  She was raised by her Mother, who never remarried.  Her parents were buying the ranch from Louis’ parents at the time and Marion operated the ranch with hired help until her boys were old enough to run the ranch.  Marg made friends with Ardis Lani at school, when the girls spent time at one another’s home she met one of her older brothers, Doll Lani.  Ardis’ parents lived on another ranch in the valley.

On May 14, 1941, at the age of 17, Marg married Lawrence D. “Doll” Lani and they lived in Spring Valley and Henderson during their early years together.  They settled in Ely, Nevada and in 1959 moved to Oakland, California where Doll died in 1963, at the age of 43.  After Doll’s death, Marg moved back to Spring Valley with their youngest son, Louis, to help care for her aging Mother.  She lived there for several years and on June 17, 1967, Marg married Ernest E. Degler, who lived in San Leandro, California.  He hunted deer in Spring Valley and was introduced to Marg by a mutual friend, Dee Heckethorn.  They set up a home on the ranch and when Gene retired from his job as a Maintenance Engineer in 1975, they relocated to Spring Valley permanently.  After Gene’s death in 1999, Marg continued to live in the home they built and had her beautiful flowers, vegetable garden and fruit trees.  She never shied away from anything, whether it was climbing on the roof or fixing an appliance; she did not know the word can’t.  The last five years her youngest son, Louis, lived with her to keep her on the ground; helping her garden and doing maintenance and upkeep of the place.  She never wanted to leave the ranch, and only during the last two weeks of her life she came to town for medical attention, staying with her oldest son, Jim and his wife, Carol.

Marg was a homemaker who stayed at home to raise her children; but when her first husband became unable to work, she went to work as a sales clerk and also cleaned houses. Marg was a very talented person who enjoyed sewing for her girls when they were small, patching jeans for everyone who needed them from miles around.  She did beautiful needle work and her counted-cross stitch pictures looked as if they were painted by her needles.

She embroidered and quilted several state flowers and bird quilts for loved ones.  She was a wonderful cook and shared recipes, mostly unwritten, with many people, including her grandsons as they ventured into the culinary arts.  Whenever her children or grandchildren had questions about their life situations they knew when they asked her they would not get a sugar-coated answer.  She was straight forward with her opinions and there was no doubt how she felt when she gave advice or her opinion. She loved all her extended family and enjoyed visiting and doing things for them whenever possible. She was a very special friend to Willie and Jamie Andre, who live on the ranch spending time with Marg since they were babies. Their parents, Art and Audrae bought the ranch 20 some years ago and Marg was allowed to stay as long as she wanted; it was a great benefit for all. Her family deeply appreciates the Andres’ kindness in allowing her to stay there.  As the children grew, they took turns “spending the night” with her.  She said they “keep me young” and loved them as her own special children and her house was a haven to them.

Marg was preceded in death by her parents, both husbands, her brothers: Henry, Bill, Kent and Louis Yelland and sister, Beth Robison as well as her nephews, Kent A. “Pete” Yelland, Keith L. Yelland, Richard “Dick” Yelland, and Don Robison; also Doll’s parents, Albert and Lida Lani, Doll’s brothers, Emzily, LeRoy and Raymond Lani; sister, Vera Walkington.

Marg is survived by her four children:  Nancy K. (Wayne) Ulrich, Ash Fork, AZ; Karen M. (Jim) Cazier; James L. (Carol) Lani, and Louie L. Lani, who all reside in Ely, Nevada. In addition she leaves five grandson and their families; Keith Lani,  Ely; Richard Lani, Pendleton, OR; Christopher Lani, Ely; Shawn Lani, San Francisco, CA and Bradley Lani, Ely. Also her two step-daughters, Geraldine Degler and Patricia Gylenskog of California; 14 great grandchildren; nieces, Patti Watterson and Gloria Hollenbeck. Her nephews; Jerry , Doug and Lester Robison and their families, all of Ely.  She leaves two cousins behind, Elva Robison Eldridge of Ely, NV and Frankie Yelland Dick of Salt Lake City, UT.  Other family members include Doll’s family as well and remained near and dear to her throughout her life: Ardis “Toots” Edwards, Don (Donna) Lani, Neva Burdick, Eileen (Tim) Boyce, Glenn Lani, Dolores (Tim Thompson) Stewart, Virginia (Glade) Tobiasson and all the Lani family who knew her as Aunt Marg.

There are no services planned at this time.  Anyone wishing to give a remembrance please donate to the Dick Yelland Scholarship Fund at the White Pine High School in Ely. A Celebration of Life will be scheduled later this summer with time and date announced.