The Mabsons at the Pure Talent Dance Studio from left to right: Justin, Jay, Angela, Mark, Karen and Alexandria Mabson. (Garrett Estrada Photo)

The Mabsons at the Pure Talent Dance Studio from left to right: Justin, Jay, Angela, Mark, Karen and Alexandria Mabson. (Garrett Estrada Photo)

Karen and Mark Mabson bought the Pure Talent Dance Studio at the end of 2012 for one simple reason, keeping their family healthy.

“We just wanted to keep the kids dancing,” Karen Mabson said.

The married couple have two daughters enrolled in dance classes, as well as two sons, one of whom is spending his summer in the weight room to get ready for the high school football season. Mark Mabson teaches the “R U Tuff Enough” bootcamp fitness course at Pure Talent and has a 15-year history as a personal trainer. The family’s active and healthy lifestyle shines through to the variety of courses taught in and out of the studio.

“I’ve always said that anyone can be fit,” Mark Mabson said.

The goal is to give people a way to exercise that they find enjoyable, so they will stick with it. Pure Talent looks to accomplish this with a mixture of dancing classes and fitness classes that offer something for “anyone from 3 years old up and into their 80’s.”

Some courses, such as their Monday night Zumba offering, have become a popular way for locals to get in shape while learning a few moves.

“We’ve had ladies who have never been able to do a push up in their life now able to do over 100,” Karen Mabson said.

Those strictly interested in learning how to dance will also find plenty to enroll in. From ballet to ballroom, the Mabsons have made it a goal to contract the best instructors in the area. Pure Talent even racked up some awards in its first state championship, with three of the studio’s teams going on to place in the national championship competition in Farmington, Utah, in May.

The dance studio’s owners said it’s important for them reach out and try to do things for the community. The studio recently threw “Zumba-thon” fundraiser at the high school to raise money for cancer that drew more than 100 participants and will also have dancers perform in the Fourth of July parade. They are also currently running a “50/50” raffle, where the winner will walk away with 50 percent of the total ticket sales. Tickets are currently $1 or six for $5.

While Pure Talent offers year-round classes, the summer time afford the instructors the ability to hold some classes outside. The owners know they’re competing with all the other outdoors activities that locals like to engage in so they’re offering anyone curious about a class to come and try their first one for free.

“If you are exercising, you feel better about yourself,” Mark Marbson said, encouraging people to come try something new.

To buy raffle tickets, enroll in classes or to get more information about the studio, please call 775-293-3693.