Tiffany Swetich reminds poeple to not ignore life insurance at her State Farm office on 11th street. Garrett Estrada Photo

Tiffany Swetich reminds poeple to not ignore life insurance at her State Farm office on 11th street. Garrett Estrada Photo

Buying life insurance can be something that most people don’t like thinking about. It can be morbid worrying about the loss of a loved one, but according to local State Farm agent Tiffany Swetich, it can be too important to ignore.

“We tend to only focus on the insurance plans that we have to buy, like auto or home insurance, but we forget to protect those that we care about,” Swetich said, adding life insurance is her biggest passion among the more than 100 products her agency sells.

In her seven years since becoming a State Farm agent, Swetich said she has taken out policies on all her members of her family, including her kids. In light of the high number of tragic deaths of young people halfway through the year in the area, Swetich said it has hopefully reminded everyone how precious and unpredictable their time can be.

But insurance is not all doom and gloom, and in Swetich’s case, she said it can often be a lot of fun. Similar to her nine years as a teacher, Swetich said she enjoys the job because it always presents new challenges.

“This job can be a lot like teaching because there is never a dull moment,” she said.

After moving to Ely from Alaska in the late 90s, Swetich began teaching at the David E. Norman Elementary School. Though she said she loved to work with her students in both fourth grade and kindergarten, she eventually needed to change things up so she could have energy left at the end of the day to raise her own children. When she began to look for a new opportunity, she received advice from her father.

“I come from a family of insurance agents. My dad, uncle and cousin all are in the business so I guess I had it in my blood,” she said.

It’s a decision that has paid off for Swetich, as she is now looking to expand her services beyond county lines.

“We’ve kind of reached a saturation of White Pine County so now we are looking to reach out to the surrounding areas,” she said.

While Swetich looks to expand the scope of her business, she knows not to forget those who have helped her reach the point that she is at today.

“The best part about my job is definitely the clients. I love all of them, I love this community and try to be active in as many events as I can and I love my team we have here,” Swetich said.

For more information on life insurance and the many other policies State Farm offers, including protection for valuable items, call Swetich and her team at 775-289-9000.