Courthouse sentences issued on July 7, 2014:

Anthony Mark Ferriolo — Unlawful Use of a Controlled Substance. Felony. Probation not to exceed three years.

Tyrone Dwayne McKenzie — Possession and control of a dangerous weapon. Category B Felony. Sentenced to 12-48 months at NDOC.

Jason Christopher Lassley — Possession of a controlled substance. Felony. Sentenced to 12-36 months at NDOC. Credit for time served 192 days.

Aaron Joseph Estopare — Unlawful use of a controlled substance. Felony. Placed in Diversion, probation not to exceed three years under supervision of P&P. Must complete Drug Court Program.

Tyrone Porter — Indecent or Obscene Exposure. Category D Felony. Sentenced to 19-48 months in NDOC, consecutive to other sentences.