Taryn Farnworth stands in the newly opened bargain basement section at Bradley’s Bestway Market in McGill.

Taryn Farnworth stands in the newly opened bargain basement section at Bradley’s Bestway Market in McGill.

Trina Beutler said she was just following her mother’s footsteps when she went into the grocery business.

“My mother grew up working for Lee Anderson and the Morely’s at the Standard Market,” she said of the now closed down grocery store.

Now the owner of the Bradley’s Bestway Market, Beutler said she has come a long way from just working the checkout, thanks to both the inspiration of her mother and the wisdom of the Bradley’s former owner Ivan Bradley.

“Ivan Bradley was my mentor. He gave me the opportunity to learn everything that I needed,” Beutler said. “When I started thinking about buying the store in 1996, he encouraged me, saying I’d be perfect for it.”

Though she said the store has seen its ups and downs over the year, it has become a staple of the McGill community. According to the owner, their fresh produce and custom cuts of meat has made some Ely residents make the drive.

“We have become known for our meat, thanks in large part to my store’s manager Charlene Hinkle,” Beutler said.

“You should see us around Christmas time, people come from all over to get our prime rib,” Hinkle said, now entering her 21st year with the store.

Both Hinkle and Beutler are excited for Bradley’s customers to check out an entirely new section of the store, called the “Bargain Basement.”

Located in the basement of the store, Beutler said she wants to offer a wider selection of seasonal items for her customers. Right now, the Bargain Basement has a variety of camping supplies, barbecuing materials and a selection of pool toys among its selection. That will change with the season to include other more appropriate items.

“It’s not something that you would necessarily expect a grocery store to have, but I think people will find a lot of cool things down there that they had no idea we even sold,” the owner said.

The basement is just the latest in a string of improvements Beutler has added to the store in recent years to stay competitive with the larger stores in Ely. Everything from new floors to a pizza oven have been added to transform the Bradley’s that Beutler knew as a little girl to the modern store that it is today.

For more information on Bradley’s Bestway Market and the Bargain basement, call 775-235-7147.