Jennifer Winkle, the City of Ely’s Treasurer, resigned during the Ely City Council meeting held on July 24 after the council quashed an agenda item relating to working with her legal counsel to reach an agreement. Winkle, who was not present at the meeting, submitted her letter of resignation through her lawyer Scott Husbands over the phone, immediately terminating her status of employment with the city.

Winkle was at the time under a 90-day review issued by the council at their meeting on June 12 for insubordination. Though the review was not supposed to end until the middle of September, City Councilman Bruce Setterstrom said that he was the one to put potential action on the matter back onto the agenda. Husbands said he was both surprised and disappointed with how the council approached the matter during the meeting. Upon the quashed agenda item, Husbands called for a recess of the meeting. When the meeting came back to order, Winkle had emailed her resignation letter in. Husbands spoke for her, saying that the review since being accused of insubordination had caused her a great deal of stress, though when reached for further comment, Winkle had “no comment” on the issue.

The incident that placed Winkle under review happened in early June, according to Mayor Melodie Van Camp at the time. The mayor had asked Winkle to write a check for the City of Ely Fire Department to purchase a new computer, but when Winkle received a different opinion by members of the council, she did not write the check.

Other items from the council’s meeting: Dale Derbidge read aloud a letter he wrote regarding the two times he was found guilty by the Nevada Commission on Ethics, resulting in him paying a total of $3,000 in fines (read Derbidge’s full letter in this week’s Point of View section on page 7A). Mayor Van Camp also awarded DeLinda McKinney, Tonya Williams Ogden and Terrilyn Diamond plaques for their work at the Pet Posse. An agenda item was added to the meeting’s agenda about the possibility or adding one or more stop signs to Murray street after a complaint by Gary Tull in the final public comment section of the meeting.