The Legislative Committee on Public Lands held a meeting with members of the local government at the Bristlecone Convention Center on Aug. 1 to get an update on what the county’s concerns are about hot button issues such as water rights and wild horses.

White Pine County Commissioner Laurie Carson and Community and Economic Development Director Jim Garza gave a detailed report at the top of the five-hour long meeting, going over things that the county has done in the past year as well as state its position on topics such as water.

“I think it went very well,” Carson said after the meeting. “It is absolutely important that the committee get to meet us and put faces to names so when it comes time to vote on 2015 legislation, they remember who we were and the problems that we face here in the county.”

Carson and Garza spent a week preparing the report they presented to the committee, which included the county’s stance on wanting to protect residents water rights. Garza said one of the things accomplished through the meeting was getting the State Engineer’s office to do more research in “cloud seeding” and whether or not it can leave lasting mercury in local water reservoirs.

The committee meets once a month, each time in a different county. Garza said he expects them to return in 2016.