More than 100 quilts were on display on Friday and Saturday in the White Pine Middle School gymnasium as part of the Sagebrush Quilting Guild’s annual show. From small, personal quilts made for children to quilts bigger than a king-size bed, the show offered a chance for the 18 members of the guild to proudly show off all their hard work from another year of quilting.

“We have 107 quilts to show this year and not a single one is a repeat from last year. We’ve been busy,” Paula Nicholes said.

Set up in rows, quilts of different fabrics and designs showed intricate stitching patterns that can sometimes take upwards of a year to complete. One such quilt took a more than a half century before it was finally finished.

“Lois Norgaard started this quilt back when they were still doing bomb testings outside of Las Vegas in 1958,” Nicholes said, pointing to a large, ornate quilt during a tour at the show. Nicholes took on the project and completed the quilt in 2013.

Though the variety of quilts on display were projects of love and were not for sale, those looking to scratch the itch to stitch were in luck. Vendors were on hand for the first time in the show’s history to sell different fabrics and sewing supplies, as well teach new techniques to those quilters just getting started.

“We were proud of the way the show went this year and are grateful to all of our supporters,” Yvonne DeForest said. “We think everyone enjoyed the creativity we try to express in our different quilts.”

Though the guild was established in the mid-1980’s, the group waited until the winter of 1995 to hold their first quilt show in the Bristlecone Convention Center, according to Nicholes. Since then, the show moved to the Ely Fine Arts Center and then in 2012 to the middle school gymnasium.

Nicholes wanted to thank the school district for co-sponsoring the show and allowing the guild the use of the gym because “it gives us enough space to show people everything we’ve been working on for the past year.”

“We look forward to this show continuing to get bigger and better every year. We are always striving to make it a more enjoyable show for people,” Nicholes said.

For more information on how to join the the Sagebrush Quilting Guild, contact DeForest at 775-235-7641.