This week was a rough week for RSVP. We had two food distributions and had to move to a new office. The county was very efficient in moving the office, but they wouldn’t stick around to unload all the boxes and put everything away. Things are pretty much in order at this time, but we do have quite a bit of more work to do before it’s really presentable.

I do hope you all went and enjoyed the  Arts in the Park event. I was there and it was very crowded.

The Art Bank was also open and I do hope you took a few moments to stop by and look at the artwork.

The Sagebrush Quilters had quite the show. I hope you didn’t miss this year’s display.

I have not heard how the book sale went at the library. Hopefully some of you stopped by and found a book you like.

Many people have asked me how can one contribute to the RSVP programs. The best way to contribute is to make a  financial donation, mailed to 2621 Northgate Ln., Suite 6, Carson City, NV 89706.

You may choose to donate to any of our programs. Funds are always needed for our respite program, housekeeping program and transportation.

If you have any questions on what programs you would like to donate to, please  call me at 775-289-6323.

Nevada facts and trivia

The first community college in Nevada opened in Elko in 1967. Great Basin College was the forerunner of the state wide system associated with the University of Nevada.

Upcoming Events

The ranch rodeo will be held on Aug. 15 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you have never seen the little kids ride sheep, you must go to see this.

Also on Aug. 15 is the Cattlewomen’s and Ely Volunteer Fire Department barbecue from 5-8 p.m.

The White Pine County Fair will begin on Aug. 16.

Answer to last weeks question

Texas has an average of 124 tornadoes a year. In second place is Oklahoma.

New question

What did Wild Bill Hickcock toss around his bed so he wouldn’t be surprised by anyone sneaking up on him while he slept?

Fascinating facts

There is a rare condition called exploding head syndrome, which you have probably never heard of. This rare syndrome is not painful, but you do hear a very loud explosion in your head like bomb or a gun going off.



Monday – Beef patty on Bob, baked beans with lettuce tomato and onions, cantaloupe

Tuesday – Pork roast, baked potato, veggies and fruit

Wednesday – Sub sandwich, peas salad, chips and fruit

Thursday – Salmon with Alfredo sauce over noodles, veggies and fruit

Friday – Beef stirfry, white rice, beat salad, mandarin oranges and dessert


The rules for being human

2. You will learn lessons.

You are enrolled in a full-time, in formal school called life. Each day in this school you will have the opportunity to learn lessons. You may like those lessons or think they are irrelevant and stupid.