Adam LaxaltSeveral politicians for Nevada’s statewide races visited Ely over the weekend to make an appearance at the Cattlewomen’s barbecue. The Ely Times caught up with Adam Laxalt, the Republican candidate for Attorney General, to ask him about his campaign and some of the issues going on in that race against his opponent, Democrat Ross Miller.

The Ely Times: How is the campaign going?

Laxalt: It is going very well. It has been an exciting process out in the rurals to go county by county, to see the base and the support. There is a lot of enthusiasm I think for a new leader, someone that brings leadership to this office. With my military and prosecuting background, I think that person is me. I think this is the perfect year for someone like me to be in that office.

The Ely Times: You’ve come out and said that you are refusing any gifts or offers by third parties. Why do you feel that that is important in this race?

Laxalt: Well, the bottom line is that my opponent has accepted over $70,000 in political gifts. I just think that is a very poor practice in an office like the Attorney General’s office. There is too much room for at least the appearance of a conflict of interest.

The Ely Times: You were recently endorsed by Mitt Romney. What does that mean to you and your chances with Conservatives?

Laxalt: It is incredibly exciting. He is one of the most important figures nationally for Republicans. Guys like Governor Romney don’t give endorsements lightly. Everyone understands that this race is crucial for Nevada. After the Governor and Lieutenant Governor races, the Attorney General race is the most important in the state.

The Ely Times: In your opinion, how will the race for Attorney General impact rural Nevada?

Laxalt: I think the next two years under our current president could prove to be the hardest few years America has faced in decades. What I mean by that is, with a president that is willing to act alone and make unilateral decisions with either his own pen or through his executive branches, we have just never seen anything like it before, not even in the FDR era. A lot of these issues that he is moving forward on affect rural Nevada, one of the biggest ones being the sage grouse issue.

I mean the federal government threw somewhere between 100 and 150 species on a “potential endangered” list a few years ago to basically force the states into a situation where they may have no economies left for some of our oldest economies. Our governor has said that it would be catastrophic for Nevada’s agricultural and our cattle industry.

This is a perfect example of how an Attorney General can use every tool in his arsenal to fight against the federal government. There is a great lawsuit that has been filed out of Oklahoma to try and stop this land acquisition in its tracks. I want to use the full power of the Attorney General to fight against the federal government in areas where they get involved with our economies and our personal liberties.