By Richard Howe

White Pine County Commissioner

About six months ago I wrote an op-ed for The Ely Times about forming one government in White Pine County. This would involve combining the county and city governments.

Past events and more recent decisions have prompted me to ask the residents of Ely to take another look at possible consolidation. As reported before a ballot referendum in 2010, the vote to combine was positive in favor of forming one government.

The past two city council meetings have seen the resignation of the City Treasurer and the removal of the two senior members of the Railroad Management Board. This course of action, as well as other dismissals, has me questioning “what’s going on?” I don’t pretend to know all the facts, but it does make me wonder in just what direction the city council is heading. In the case of the railroad, it has taken several years of work by many volunteers and staff to bring it to where it is today.

I’m sure there have been hiccups and mistakes made, however, I know that many of those hard working individuals erred in the best interest of progress. Look at what all this hard work has produced. We have “the best tourist attraction” in Nevada. White Pine County has become a destination point for tourists. To tear this down and start over is a major mistake. To undo years of work because of correctable problems is a step backwards.

I write this opinion not as a County Commissioner, but rather as a concerned citizen of Ely and White Pine County. I love where I live and want to see us continue on the right path for the future. It will take time for us to work out all the issues, but the end result will make for a better quality of life here.

One last comment, I read about the “Good Ole Boys” and I’m proud to say that I am one of them. I grew up here and moved back because this is a great place to live. We owe a debt of gratitude to all those that come before us.

If you agree with me, then it’s time to organize and let the city officials know how you feel. These issues are too important. The time to act is now!