Tootsie1“The Zoo Store Cat”

Born to The Zoo, Inc. early 2009 and was approximately 7 years old when she came to us, Tootsie was about 12 years old when she passed.  To all of you who visited Thrifty Tails Thrift Store, Tootsie was an icon.  Tootsie loved all of you and thank you all for loving her.  She was the “purrrfect” store cat along with her buddy and store manager “Sylvester”. When the store closed, he went on to live with a very loving family.  Some of you just came in to visit him and her!  This is what The Zoos’ philosophy is all about; taking care of animals for the long term in every in aspect.  Please if you adopt, do it for the long term and spay and neuter. These animals depend on you and the love that this cat “Tootsie” and all the animals give us is priceless.  We are better people for caring for them.  The Zoo, Inc. is still very active.  We are focusing on providing low cost spay and neuter at this time. Your donations to help this cause are greatly appreciated.  In remembrance of “Tootsie”