A lawsuit against the Ely City Council and Railroad Board of Trustees was filed on Tuesday afternoon by the law firm of Gianoli Husbands as instructed by the Railroad’s Management Board. The lawsuit, which was approved at the Management Board’s last meeting on Aug. 15, lists all five sitting members of the city council as well as Mayor Melody Van Camp on five separate charges.

The five charges listed in the lawsuit include: “Violation of Constitutional Due Process;” “Violations of Nevada Open Meeting Law;” “Violation of Foundation’s Bylaws;” “Injunction against Council Martin Westland Due to Conflict of Interest;” and “Breach of Fiduciary Duty.”

Detailed in the 40-page document is the crumbling relationship between the board of trustees for the railroad and the management board, which resulted in the removal of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the management board at the Aug. 7 city council meeting.. The verified complaint seeks “injunctive relief and damages” for the charges listed.

The details of the lawsuit are now public record and available at the County Clerk’s office. For a more in-depth analysis of the lawsuit and it’s allegations, as well as the latest news from the Aug. 28 Ely City Council meeting, see next week’s issue.