To the editor:

I was very impressed with the thoughtful and documented approach taken by the Railroad Board of Trustees in deciding to designate two new management board members. The railroad is truly the crown jewel of Ely tourist trade. As well as a wonderful legacy for many families in the county.

Many months were spent waiting for routine financial information and assurances about contract performance from out-of-state companies. This has proven quite frustrating to those of us in the community anxious to ensure the stability and growth of the Nevada Northern Railway. The county and city receives immeasurable value from the many volunteers who serve on such boards. There are times, however, the work is quite serious and demanding. I understand after along term of service that fatigue can distract from that responsibility. I trust that two new board members will apply new energy to the job.

I appreciate the service of all the volunteers and look forward to a great future for the railroad.

Thank you.

Mike Coster


To the editor:

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the superior service and friendly, helpful people in Ely. Every year we stay at the Jailhouse Motel during the White Pine County Fair and Horse Races. We have been so pleased with the friendly staff and clean, spacious rooms. After we checked out Monday and were returning to our ranch in Utah, I realized that I had left my cellphone charing in our room. I called the Jailhouse Motel and was greeted by Becky who was soon able to locate the phone. With the help of Office Manage, Kim, the phone was soon on its way to us. Becky and Kim were so helpful and kind in resolving our problem. Many thanks to them.

It is a pleasure to spend several days each year in Ely and we look forward to next year.


M.L. Smith


To the editor:

It is a shame that work ethics are very poor. People seem not have any respect or morals to who-ever is around them. The language that is used is very disrespectful and degrading. if one has such a bad vocabulary they must not think much of themselves or have any consideration towards those who might hear them. Watch what you say; it is very unattractive and not cool. Good morals and ethics makes a place of business more attractive. Show some respect for your management and customers.

Thank you,

A guest at one of the local hotels