To the Editor:

I am appalled —not surprised— by the City Council break in at the railroad. The people now seated at the head of the government for Ely are on a power trip—a exaction all too common when people are elected to office. With the exception of saving lives, breaking in anywhere is just not right. There was a time when people accepted a public service position for the purpose of serving the public. Leaders these days are more self-serving than interested in serving the public. And we see no finer example than here in White Pine County.

For Ely officials to use the excuse of “he’s not supplying what we keep asking for” is pure bunk. I’ve been asking Ely officials when they plan to take action against a member of their own council for having a business in an area not zoned for the type of business in place there now. This issue, and associated questions, is over a year old. And, I’m not the only citizen asking questions and receiving no answers.

My reason for writing to you is not to expound on what happened. People will believe what they want to believe. Fortunately—or unfortunately—, WE THE PEOPLE put these individuals in office. and, WE THE PEOPLE can take them out. If you think your vote doesn’t count, you are wrong. And I urge you to start this November. The next year is crucial fo White Pine County. If you aren’t registered to vote, do it now. Your vote is strictly confidential—the only way anyone will know how you vote is if you tell them. And, by law, you don’t have to do that. I urge you to attend both City Council and Commission meetings. You should hear and see how your elected officials conduct themselves. You will be able to decide if these are the people you want making decisions for you and your future.

Linda Burleigh

City of Ely Resident

To the Editor,

ATTN: Mark S. Bassett, Executive Director and Member

Over the last ten years I’ve donated approximately $7,000 (including membership fees to the Nevada Northern Railway Museum because I believe in YOU and have been so impressed with the way you have managed the railroad and museum. It’s truly magnificent the way you’ve brought my little hometown to prominence in the railroad knowledge of the railroad and its workings.

Between you and the previous Railroad Management Board, it’s been wonderful to see improvements each time I return home. It’s been fun watching you on “American Restoration,” further presenting such a national favorable light on your “baby”.

It has been with great disgust that I’ve read about the mean-spirited actions against both you and John Gianoli. The raid on your office by Marty Westland and Bruce Setterstrom tells me they’re nothing more than a couple of thugs who appear to have a vendetta against you and the previous board.

Don’t they realize the loss of the railroad would do irreparable damage to Ely, White Pine County and the State of Nevada. I talk about potential loss, because if you go, so do I. My check for $1,250 is enclosed for renewing my membership ($250) and a donation ($1,000) for use where you need it most. I hope it isn’t the last one.

This will be my last check if you leave the railroad. I only talk about that because I don’t want anyone who is unfamiliar with these great machines and their supporting facilities playing like they can run the place.

Thanks for all you have done and for all you will continue to do for the National Treasure in little only Ely, NV.

Ann G. Dye

Las Vegas, NV

To the Editor:

What does it take to be a good politician: Love for the Country, Community, and people that you serve. You need to be a people person, one that greets everyone no matter their status in life, or community. One that does not favor certain people or things. One that listens to the people and their ideas. Maybe your idea has already been tried and failed why try again. Listen to people that feel some things should or shouldn’t be done, explain to them why it can work, but all in all listen to the people. One that does not use his political status for material gain for either him or his family or friends, one that doesn’t say if you help me get elected I will see that you accomplish your goals. One that doesn’t create caos in her community by siding with the newbys.

Look at everything that has been done in the community and look at our cemetery, what a disgrace right by one of the museums, the middle of the road through town and one that everyone see’s, (how often do you see anyone working on the cemetery) now look at Broadbent Park and work that has been done there, I know its grants that have helped but goodness sake finish one project before you start another one.

Why are there certain ones that need to conform to the laws or rules and another person that doesn’t and can do almost anything that they want to and bend the rules to accomplish it.

Look at all the dead corners where there is a stop sign and you have to almost pull out in the other lane of traffic before you can see if there is anyone coming. Why is it one person can have a certain kind of fence and someone down the street can’t. Why can some of the businesses display their  dump yards in town instead of behind a nice fence. We have so many what you call eye sores.

Maybe we can get some ideas from Mark Bassett, like he used on Cheyenne, Wyoming. From what they say when he becomes dedicated to a project he will do his best to see that it becomes the best it can possibly be for the betterment of the community. He may step on toes doing it (that is what causes him problems with people, because it is not them in the lime light). I think we owe him a great big thanks. Wrap the newbies up on one of the semi’s going through town and send them on their way to another project somewhere. Let them change someone else’s town to what they want or better still, send them back to where they came from. One is an new oldie but isn’t a good politician so you can send him back where he came from, also.

A good old Republican,

Joy Anderson

To the Editor,

What ever happened to the Ely City Council and Mayor?

Oh my God, oh my God.

GP Etcheverry

Former Ely City Councilman 1963-1965

Former Ely Mayor 1965-1977

Executive Director Nevada League of Cities 1977-1993

To the Editor:

RE: Railroad Break In.

We the people “own” W.P.C.

We the people “own” the City of Ely.

We the people “own” this country. This is “our” country. Not the corrupt electees.

“We the owners” do not have the keys to all of “our” properties. “We the owners” do not have the authority or right to break and enter anytime “We the owners” see fit.

If any of the rest of us “owners” would have done this, we would be in jail on felony charges. We would have to go to court and prove we were not guilty.

The proper and legal procedure for this action is called a “search warrant” not “any easy want” to get what you want, steal it.

Everyone involved is gilt for a felony. “Confessed guilty.” “Anyone”, anyone that helps a felony to avoid or escape apprehension, prosecution, and punishment is gilt of “accessory after the fact”. Mr. D.A. breaking and entering, distruction of private property, burglary, trespassing, etc., ect., are crimes, not a civil dispute.

Any oath that these perps have taken has been violated.

We the people, the legal and rightful “owners” of this country, deserve and expect justice.

Servant of servants,

Mike Fleming

South Cherry Creek, NV

To the Editor,

With reference to the actions of the City Council/Mayor and Railroad fiasco in the newspaper dated (9-5-2014)…I am disappointed with how this matter was handled. I would think that the City Council/Mayor could have contacted the Railroad in a timely manner, rather than a spur of the moment decision and work out a way to resolve their differences and acquire any pertinent information, rather than take such a radical approach. The City Council and Mayor are elected by us (the people) to Govern, Educate, & Mediate all matters that affect this community…

Stop this Bickering and Govern…

Gayle Ball Robison

To the Editor,

Good *Ole Ely politics. No wonder we are the laughing stock of the state. I guess it’s true what they say: “You just can’t fix STUPID”. Can we just grow up now?

Keith Anderson,


To the Editor,

In light of the recent events occurring at the Nevada Northern Railroad, the White Pine County Board of County Commissioners would like to make it clear that actions take by any individuals at the Nevada Northern Railway were not done in conjunction with, or with the permission of, or in any official capacity of the White Pine County Commission.


John S. Lampros


Dear Mr. Fredrick,

GREAT editorial in the last addition of the Ely Times related to the Railroad.  You took the honest, but sometimes not the popular approach and it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Bunny Hill

Director, White Pine County Social Services

To the Editor,

The recent break-in at the railroad seems more like an act of small-town renegades than  that people who are “just trying to do the right thing.”    This is a country of rule-of-law, so for example, Trustees of a mortgage foreclosure can’t just barge in on the home when the occupants are on vacation and take what they want.  The councilman or mayor can’t just show up somewhere and make on-the-spot decisions like that.  The fact that the City of Ely’s lawyer (also the personal lawyer for two of the people who broke in) condoned this action is a whole other matter that calls into question his lack of respect for abuses of political power and due process under the law.

Where has our sense of ethics and justice gone?   Mr. and Ms  Bassett started coming here around 15 years ago to volunteer their time to restore railroad equipment with their own time and money.  The management board then asked them to take over our then-failing historical gem.  Look at what they have done over the last decade!  It is now a nationally recognized historic gem.  It has been cleaned up and made whole again.  Donors from all over the world have followed the vision that the Bassetts created, and are contributing to keep our gem open and alive.

And what are the “crimes” we are accusing Mr. and Ms. Bassett of?

1)  Working their tails off almost round-the clock, and having to work almost every single weekend of the year, to make the railroad successful and keeping the donors and contributors happy.  How many people would move here and do that for us?

2)  It took a few years of their leadership before there was enough money to meet payroll, so they didn’t cash some paychecks during dry times in those first few years.  Now that is a crime?  How many of us would be willing to take that kind or risk on making the railroad pay off for the community?

3)  They work as a team on all of this, so they both work for the railroad as a team.  Big deal. Thank goodness someone does it.  How would you like to have your spouse work every single weekend if you were not doing the same?  Of course they both work there.  They both have the background, credentials, education, and the inclination for this work.  Do we always agree with every single thing they do?  Of course not.  Are they entrepreneurs who get things done?  Absolutely, and all-things-considered, Ely is lucky to have them.

Guys and Gals of Ely, the break-in sounds more like a 2014 version of a good old fashion lynch mob. A few people don’t like the two of them.  Perhaps its a bit of jealousy, or a bit of hurt feelings from one of the city council members having been fired from there a few years back for a series of very poor decisions on a restoration project that ended up costing well into the six digits for re-work.    Any of us would have been removed from our jobs for having been personally responsible for a mistake that large and that costly.

The nice thing about this country of ours is that public office is not about resolving personal hurt feelings or doing a tit-for-tat revenge.  Sure, city council should ask questions in their executive trustee role.  The City of Ely audits the railroad regularly.  If the city’s auditor last year didn’t do a good enough job, then by all means get another one and do and audit again.  If there are a few box cars still parked on that siding up north, and the city is entitled to a little rent from it, then work together to figure out how to make it whole.  Sitting down and working it out is what the mayor told us she was going to do just 4 days before she staged the break-in.   Such an unprofessional change-of-heart on her part.

What we don’t want is for the city council members to break any laws, fire railroad board members just because you disagree with them, act unprofessionally, or hammer away at personal revenge issues under the cover of public office.

Ken Keys

To the Editor,

Thank you for posting and running the article on the Special Needs event at the Gilbert Ranch on Aug. 9. It was a successful turnout and everyone had a spectacular time. Thank you for sharing your article and helping spread the word.

Greatly Appreciated,

Shawna Adams

Letter to The Editor

From The Zoo to You:

There seems to be some confusion regarding the thrift store that The Zoo used to occupy called Thrifty Tails thrift store located at 1144 E. Aultman and the store that is there now, TnT Hidden Treasures.  The Zoo closed Thrifty Tails May 31, 2014 at which time all the leftover Zoo animals were placed in homes.  We are now at this time only focused on providing our low cost spay and neuter program.  At the time we left, we gave the entire inventory that was in the store to the new renters to sell in order to help them as they were supposed to be heading in the direction of an animal welfare organization (which the donations were originally given to The Zoo for). When you donate to TnT Hidden Treasures, you are not donating to The Zoo, Inc. The Zoo, Inc. is a 501©3 non-profit organization that is tax deductible. We are not affiliated with the present store known as TnT Hidden Treasures.  They did not take over Thrifty Tails, nor is Thrifty Tails “under new management” by them. For eight years, The Zoo, Inc. has been the forerunner in this community helping the animals of WPC.  Also it is a policy of The Zoo, Inc. that if you adopted a pet from The Zoo in the past and can no longer keep or care for it for whatever reason, you did agree when you adopted the animal to return the animal to The Zoo so that we can continue to provide permanent placement for the animal.  Please do not give the animal away or take it to the pound.  Please call The Zoo at 775-289-3252.

Brenda Alexander