I’ve been trying to remember everything that happened this week. I think just about everything possible happened, but one of the good things that happened was the food distribution on Friday night was a very successful evening.

The RSVP open house on Saturday was a success with a large turnout we even have the EMTs from White Pine County and the Lackawana fire trucks.

Nevada facts and trivia

The ghost town of Rhyolite still pays homage to the early pioneers and their dreams. Remains of the depot,  Glasshouse, bank and other buildings are on display.

Upcoming events

Sept. 18 through the 20th is the fourth annual astronomy festival

Sept. 19 through the 21st is the silver state classic challenge

Sept. 20 is the great basin cup-home & home golf tournament at the white pine golf course

Sept. 20 is take it to the lake half marathon

Sept. 23 is the USDA food distribution held at the Baptist Church at 3 p.m.

Sept. 25-28 is the 43rd Nevada railway symposium at the Nevada Northern Railway

Mark your calendar for Oct. 17. This is the day you can get your flu shot.

Answer to last weeks     question:

The Declaration of Independence begins with when in the course of human events.

New question:

What was the gladiator armed with, in addition to a dagger and spear?


Monday — Spaghetti with meat sauce, veggies and garlic bread

Tuesday — Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, veggies and fruit ( I maybe there)

Wednesday — Chicken breast with grilled tomato sauce over noodles, veggies and fruit

Thursday — Lentil soup, tuna fish sandwich, carrot raisin salad and fresh apple

Friday — Bake potato bar with chili, Broccoli, fixings and apple crisp

The rules for being human:

And others are merely mirrors of you.

You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects something you love or hate about yourself.

I will now finish the article written by Donna Frederick into thousand one. I have also found another article that you might enjoy written by Donna Frederick.

How white pine got its name

By Donna Frederick

White Pine Mining district was located in Lander County, with Austin as the county seat. The distance to Austin was 120 miles and the citizens of the district did not want to travel that far to the county seat. Citizen groups met in Silver Springs (Shermantown), Treasure City and Hamilton to petition the state legislator for a separate county organization. Committees were chosen from each city to prepare the bill for the new county. It was assumed  that the legislature would be governed by the wishes of the citizens of the three principal towns in a proposed new county. Although all were in favor of the organization to have a new county, the name of the county and the location of the county seat created much discussion. Some felt the name White Pine seemed to be the most appropriate as the county name, as White Pine was well known abroad. Others favored the name Ruby, because that was the name of the old settlement valley inside of the proposed new county and was located along the route of the Pacific Railroad. The name White Pine was chosen for the name of the new county and Hamilton was appointed the county seat.

White Pine news, March 6, 1869 wrote, “the bill creating the county of White Pine has become a law without the approval of the governor.” He had retained it over the five day limit of the Constitution. The governor appointed the first County officers on April 1, 1869.

Thank you Donna