Lori Hunt used to operate a salon out of her house in McGill before opening Stylized Hair Designs Plus in 1987. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Lori Hunt used to operate a salon out of her house in McGill before opening Stylized Hair Designs Plus in 1987. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Lori Hunt has had her hands in peoples’ hair for more than 30 years now. Working with her husband, Kim Hunt, at Stylized Hair Designs Plus, Hunt said that running her own business is “a lot more work than most people think.” But she keeps doing it.

To her, her clientele has become like family.

“The best thing about this job is the relationships that you build with customers and then their kids and their kids,” Hunt said. “Some of the people that I take care of have their kids graduating from high school now and we laugh about that. It’s conversations like how I did both the mom and the daughter’s hair for the prom now.”

After running a salon out of her house in McGill for six years, Hunt decided she wanted more space and more modern equipment. In a twist of fate, her husband was laid off around the same time. Instead of letting the bad news get them down, Lori convinced her husband to go to cosmetology school. When he finished, the two opened their own salon in 1987.

Hunt said the size of her salon has slowly decreased as she gets older to keep things manageable.

“It was quite a bit bigger when we first opened,” Hunt said. “Back then we had about seven stations and lots of people, but I’ve gone down to just he and I.”

The salon itself features a nearly full service menu of options, doing hair coloring, perms, haircuts and gel fingernails. The owner said the only thing they don’t offer is acrylic nails. Hunt said having just her and her husband working allows the salon to be flexible in their appointments, something that has been key to their business.

“We’ve kinda just been like the little train that could. We’ve always been available, we’ve always worked Mondays. We don’t have set hours. We come early and we stay late,” Hunt said of the her and her husbands unique schedule.

“I think that has been one of the things that has benefited us over the years because we have been pretty available and flexible. We understand that people have jobs and that we have to work around their schedules.”

Hunt said working with a spouse can be “interesting” but her and her husband make a good team. Which is good news for her clients, especially the longtime ones.

“I have ladies that I have done for 30 years,” Hunt said. “It’s been interesting over the years. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so much, but we’ve always found a way.”

For more information on Stylized salon or to make an appointment, call Hunt at 775-289-6223.