By Capt. Scott Henriod

White Pine County Sheriff’s Department

On September 2, 2014, The White Pine County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate suspicious circumstances at or near Building A of the White Pine Historical Railroad.

It was reported that members of the Ely City Council had illegally made entrance into the building housing the White Pine Railroad Historical Foundation files.  When deputies arrived, they found several City Officials, a member of the White Pine Historical Railroad Foundation, and an independent auditor.

It was discovered access had been made to the building through a window and files from a computer had been copied by the auditor. The investigation was turned over to the Detective Division.  Upon investigating the matter, records were found showing the gifting of the property, including the aforementioned building, from Kennecott to the White Pine Historical Railroad Foundation and the City of Ely in 1987.

A copy of the Articles of Incorporation of the Historical Railroad Foundation state “All trustees of this corporation shall be the City Council of the City of Ely.”  The Articles were filed with the Secretary of the State of Nevada on November 8, 1984.  The bi-laws for the Historical Railroad Foundation, which were amended and approved by the Ely City Council in May of 2012, state “All books and records of the Corporation may be inspected by any member, his agent or attorney, for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.”

Furthermore, a records check with the Secretary of the State of Nevada shows the Registered Agent for the Foundation as the Ely City Attorney.  Based on this information, the allegations of burglary and trespassing are unfounded at this time.  All information discovered in this investigation was forwarded to the White Pine County District Attorney’s Office for review.