To the Editor:

We need the forensic audit to go forward in order to clear up one of two things.

First – All (5) City Councilmen are “kooks” and should be “re-called” for all of this drama, or

Second – Someone get their hand caught in the cookie jar.

Either way, the audit will prove one or the other.

JaNeal Mathews

Voter and Ely resident

To the Editor,

The recall petitions going around for the election to remove the current City Council and Mayor is being met with threats and intimidation from supporters of the current administration. Whether you support them or not the voters have a right to decide. Signing the recall petition is the voter’s rights and simply signing the petition does not guarantee that the council or mayor will be recalled. An open election will make that determination.

If the council feels that the majority of the residents think they are fairly and equally representing them then the council should not have an fear about a recall and welcome the election. Now if they are acting on their own agendas and not for the betterment of the City of Ely and or the railroad then they should be worried.

I personally believe that the council has run amuck with their determination to change Ely and the railroad for their personnel interests or vendettas. Your representatives believe they have the right to break into buildings that belong to the city without reprisal then why are they and their supports so hell bent on stopping their constituents from exercising their right to ask for a recall election?

Norman Randolph


To the Editor,

It is with great dismay that I feel it necessary to address this subject; but it must be rectified before any further destruction occurs.  I am talking about the condition of the Ely Cemetery, upper areas.  I have walked in the cemetery for several years and have always given praise to the well-maintained grassy areas.   I was horrified about 3 weeks ago after I had missed a few days walking.  When I began my walk the newest area of the cemetery was strewn with artificial flower bouquets, flower petals, leaves and wires.  There were several broken pieces of solar lighting, metal stakes from them, mangled flags with broken dowels, heavy wire from arrangements scattered throughout!  Each night as I walked through I picked up pieces and threw them in the garbage cans.  After a week I had picked up a lot of the mess. I was especially concerned about the metal pieces being caught by a mower and slung who knows where.  It was nice to see the grass cut, however; it was apparently mowed using a “gang mower” and did not contain the cuttings.  Long dead grass was everywhere, totally covering up some headstones. It wouldn’t take long to remove the objects in the path of the mower, place them on the headstone before mowing; then go back and replace them afterwards.

Unfortunately, this is not a one-time occasion.  The next week, the center section and the large area west of center on the upper cemetery had been mowed and was in the same condition of disarray. Then it happened in the first area again. I had a person from out of town ask me why so many flowers were taken to shreds.

I can’t imagine why cemetery workers are not showing some vigilance and respect for the decorations and mementoes left by family and friends in tribute to their loved ones.  Perpetual care is paid to maintain a pleasing setting for those who’ve passed on; let’s see some respect shown by these workers. Where is the supervisor who should be watching over the workers?

Our family decorates and cares for 70+ graves in the cemetery, not just once a year but throughout the year.  We have had to replace entire vases of flowers on a few graves that have disappeared, but losing decorations due to neglect by someone being paid to maintain the lawn is uncalled for.

Previous to this, I always took pride in the way our cemetery looked, I had a lady tell me one year they were taking pictures to take “back home” to show their Town Leaders how to maintain a cemetery. I must add the older, lower parts of the cemetery look very nice.  The area is mowed and nicely trimmed. Can we get the entire cemetery back to being a place of pride once again?

Concerned Resident,

Karen Cazier, Ely

To the Editor,

The Ely City Council has the authority to access railroad records only at “any reasonable time.” That does not mean 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year all while concealing felonies while doing so.

“Any reasonable time” does not include when the office is closed. This makes article five of the foundation’s bylaws null and void. Possession of stolen property and about 10 other felonies are now in play!

“Forensically” speaking, of course,

Mike Flemming