Learning Bridge Charter School has received a three star rating from the Department of Education and the State Public Charter School Authority for the 2013-2014 school year.  These annual reports provide parents and community members with a valuable overview of public school performance in Nevada. The performance framework for which schools are accountable is set on a 1-5 star rating.  The complete list of school ratings is available on the homepage of the NDE website (www.doe.nv.gov).  Nevada Report Card, which provides detailed information for every school about assessment results, class size, school safety, school technology, graduation rates, teacher quality, financial data and more can be found at www.nevadareportcard.com .

15.6% of Nevada schools received a five-star rating, 15.0% of schools received a four star rating, 44.4% of Nevada Schools received a three star rating and 24.9% of the schools received a two or one star rating.

The Learning Bridge Community is very proud of its students and realizes that trends in achievement are extremely important to follow over a period of years.  Principal Flanagan congratulates McGill Elementary in making significant gains this past year.

As a school Learning Bridge is focusing on where students can improve.  The school community has identified areas in which improvement is needed.  With the help of parents, staff and the students themselves the achievement gap will close even more.

Learning Bridge is a public charter school currently with 151 students from Kindergarten through 7th grade; eighth grade will be added next year. Charter School