Lane’s Truck Stop recently reopened its coffee shop and restaurant, a longtime favorite of locals before it closed in 1995. (Teresa Stewart photo)

Lane’s Truck Stop recently reopened its coffee shop and restaurant, a longtime favorite of locals before it closed in 1995. (Teresa Stewart photo)

Ask anyone who grew up in Ely or Lund and there is a good chance they have a fond memory or two about heading to get some breakfast or dinner with family or friends at Lane’s Truck Stop outside of Lund. According to Lane’s manager Gary Lane, the coffee shop and restaurant attached to the truck stop became a staple of the local community for many years.

“If you’ve heard a couple of stories about the restaurant, I’ve probably heard hundreds,” Lane said.

Opened in 1982, one year after the gas pumps were installed, the coffee shop remained a busy hub for over a decade, before finally closing its doors in 1995.

Though the Lanes opened it again for a brief time, it didn’t last. That was, at least, until the beginning of September. As part of a large renovation effort at the truck stop, the restaurant officially opened its doors on Sept. 5. Lane said he hopes the locals who grew up patronizing the diner will come back out and try it once more.

“We would have hunters and snow birds schedule their trips around making sure they could come and eat breakfast or dinner at the restaurant way back when,” Lane said. “Now that we’ve got it open again, I just hope we find that same kind of local support that we used to.

The restaurant isn’t the only thing that has changed at the truck stop and motel however. With the help of his brother Stephen, Lane has upgraded everything from the gas pumps they use to the beds and televisions in their motel rooms. To Stephen Lane, the updates are just a continuation of his father’s dream when he bought the ranch and land back in the 1960’s.

“My father is the man I respect most in my life. Even at 89 years old, he will still come into the office and make sure everything is in order,” Stephen Lane said.

Keeping the business in the family has had its fair shares of ups and downs for Gary, but living among the “great people” of Lund has been something Lane has treasured.

“My goal was always to live where other people go on vacation,” Lane said, acknowledging the natural beauty surrounding the area.

Lane admits that when he first moved out of Los Angeles to take the job, he couldn’t even drive a tractor. Now, nearly 30 years later, Lane said he has learned to adapt and think on his feet to solve problems.

“When you are 35 miles outside of Ely, you have to be creative. It hasn’t always been easy but the people in this community are great and they’ve always been very supportive,” Lane said. His brother Stephen agreed, adding the two wouldn’t be able to keep the Truck Stop above water for so many years without the help of their staff.

Like most small business owners though, the work never stops for the brothers. Lane said his next goal will be to try and get the speed limit reduced in front of the stop to offer a safer entrance and exit for his patrons.

Lane’s coffee shop and restaurant is open from Tuesday-Sunday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is closed on Mondays. For more information, call 775-238-0555.