The lawsuit filed by the Railroad Management Board against the Ely City Council and Railroad Board of Trustees is expected to be ruled upon by Chief Justice Robert Rose on Oct. 14 at 1 p.m. in the White Pine County Courthouse. Rose, a former Chief Justice of the Nevada Supreme Court, is expected to make a decision on a preliminary injunction in court on Oct. 14 or 15. The court room has been reserved for the full two days, though a decision could be reached after one day.

The lawsuit seeks several preliminary injunctions, which if passed would block any action on items such as the removal of Management Board Chairman John Gianoli and Vice-Chairman Steven Leith or the city council’s forensic audit, until after a final decision has been reached after a trial at an undetermined date.

The lawsuit was filed by the Railroad Management Board on Aug. 15 in response to the Ely City Council’s actions to remove Gianoli and Leith from their positions on the board and proceed with the audit. The lawsuit was jointly drafted by local law firm Gianoli Husbands and Elko firm Goicoechea, DiGrazia, Coyle and Stanton.