To the Editor,

The following is what could happen in 1 year if the Ely City Council had not started the investigation into the financial mishandlings of the N.N. Railroad.

The Nevada Northern Railroad is forced to shut its doors due to financial mismanagement by the Railroad board and the Executive Director.

Illegal actions leading to the destruction of the RR are as follows: Non-reporting of rental fes for car storage; Unable to provide proof of numerous loan amounts-from Director to Railroad’ unwilling to provide proper accounting to City Council; grant money manipulation; paying tens of thousands of dollars for television advertising (Rick’s Restoration/non-essential equipment refurbishment); failure to pay bills to local business; etc, etc, etc, the list goes on…and on…and on.

Community reaction to the closing:

“Why didn’t the City Council do something about this mess?”

“The Taxpayers will be forced to pay for this!”

More letters to the editor complaining about the City Council.

“Let’s recall the Ely City Council because they did nothing!”

Ely City Council’s reaction:

“WE TOLD YOU, but you wouldn’t listen!”

It would be wrong be a shame if this were to happen. I hope my vision into the future is wrong. We should all get on board with the council to see that this matter is resolved, because in the end everyone will pay…

Thank you,

Tom Daves

To the Editor:

I’ve read with interest about the break-in of the railroad office and the petition to relieve Melody Van Camp of the office of Mayor.

I’ve know Melody for many years. We worked together at R-Place 1. If there were two ways to do something, she would come up with a third way.

Whether she had permission from the sheriff to break in, only he and her know.

I do know her to be a talented person in many ways. She once said that she that she has an inquiring mind. Also I believe that she may have thought something was wrong at the office of the railroad and as Mayor she had the obligation to find out. Was the way she chose to check this out right? No, but sometimes we try to do something right in the wrong way. Example: the sexy calendar of men made to raise money for a good cause, there was one divorce where this was the last straw.

Sometimes we need to stop and think of the end results and what can go wrong.

Perhaps it’s a time to simmer down and go about this properly. Putting Melody Van Camp out of office seems extreme to me. We all make mistakes and poor judgments. I’m glad I’m not in politics where everything is judged and the wrong conclusions are drawn.

I lived in Ely for forty years and miss you good people.


Marian Pyles

Albany, Oregon