Court Sentences for Oct. 13 —  Russell E. Draper, Battery by a prisoner in lawful custody, Felony. Sentencing: $25 Administrative Assessment Fee, $3 GMA fee, $100 PSI fee, $150 DNA fee, $300 Attorney fee, $1,000 Drug Court Assessment fee, 19-48 months with NDOC suspended, placed on probation not to exceed 5 years. Defendent will pay everything Monday and make $100 payments every month beginning Dec. 1, credit 1 day in jail for 1 day time served.

Ruben Herrera, Gross Lewdness, gross misdemeanor, Sentencing: $25 Administrative Assessment fee, $3 GMA, $100 PSI, $300 Attorney fee, Restitution of $138, Defendant advises he will pay everything on Oct. 13.