By Ken Curto

Ely Elks Lodge

Ely Elks Lodge will have their 92nd Annual Roll Call dinner on Thursday, Oct. 23 at the Elks Lodge. 21 members will be honored with five or more years in Elkdom.

Those being honored are:

10 years:  Susie Francis,  Roger Lamare, Judith M. Nelson. 15 years:  Kelly C. Brown PER.

25 years:  Michael F. Kneese, William Thompson. 30 years:  Joe Ciscar, Timothy W. Lujan PER, Daniel J. Morrow PER.

35 years:  Thierry V. Barkley, Michael Bourn PER, Walter L. O’Brien, Dan Sabala.

40 years:   Ronald W. Kozak, Bernie Romero.

45 years:  George L. Carnes PER, William A. Romeo, Richard Shields.

50 years:  Neil McKnight.

55 years:  George John Allen.

60 years:  Robley E. Burns, Jr. PER. Recognition for more than 50 years:  Romolo DiCianno PER (51), Donald Goodwin, (51), Art Olson PER, PDDGER, PSP, PGELK (56), Joseph E. DiGrazia (69), Jack Smith PDDGER, PSP (69). Nevada State Elks President Lee Butts and NSEA First Lady Ruth Butts will be making their official visit to Ely Lodge during the Roll Call dinner. Also attending will be NSEA Vice-President William Wiseman and his wife Mela. NSEA  President Lee Butts is a 20 year member of the Order of Elks and was initiated in Las Vegas Lodge in 1994. He progressed through the officer chairs and served as Exalted Ruler of Las Vegas in 2002-2003 and 2004-2005. Butts has served as Secretary, Vice-President and President for the Las Vegas Lodge PER Association and as a Lodge Trustee and Drug Awareness chairman. Butts has served the Nevada State Elks Association as Sgt. at Arms, Secretary, Vice-President and President of the NSEA PER Association, Ritual vice-chairman and ritual judge. His service to Grand Lodge includes being Esquire and Auditor to the District Deputy and he served as District Deputy, Nevada South in 2008-2009. Butts has served as NSEA Vice-President, President-elect and was elected as President in April 2014. The Roll Call dinner will begin at 6 p.m. and the Elks Lodge will open at 4 p.m. There will be an $8 admission fee for members and guests and membership awards will be presented after the member’s Roll Call.

Nevada State Elks President Lee Butts will be in attendance at the Ely Elks Lodge on Oct. 23.  (Courtesy photo)

Nevada State Elks President Lee Butts will be in attendance at the Ely Elks Lodge on Oct. 23. (Courtesy photo)