Oddly enough, the marquee race on the November ballot is the one for lieutenant governor, usually an afterthought.

But, with Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval facing a Democratic opponent who came in second to “none of these candidates” in the primary and who has not bothered do any campaigning whatsoever, the highest profile contest is for who will become the governor’s heir apparent.

The race pits Republican Mark Hutchison, an experienced Las Vegas lawyer and state senator, against Democrat Lucy Flores, a Las Vegas assemblywoman.  An anonymous poll by the Las Vegas newspaper of legislators, lobbyists and reporters at the end of the 2013 legislative session rated Hutchison among the best senators, while Flores was tagged as the absolute worst member of the assembly.

While Flores has quibbled and equivocated about her views on the margin tax on the November ballot, Hutchison while on the campaign stump has called it probably the worst thing that could befall the economy of the state of Nevada.

Hutchison stepped in to lead the state’s litigation in opposition to imposition of ObamaCare when the Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto refused, and he did the many hours of legal work pro bono, not costing the state a dime for his time. Flores’ claim to fame is that she was once a gang member, though she has been mum on just what crimes she might have committed while in the gang.

While the job of lieutenant governor in the past has been generally confined to presiding over the Senate while in session and doing some economic development outreach, Hutchison has vowed to work with the governor in the next legislative session to pass education reforms that actually amount to more than just throwing money at the problem.

Hutchison has said he supports merit pay, ending social promotions if a child can’t read by the third grade and school choice.

Flores is being backed by Sen. Harry Reid, which by itself says a lot about the paucity of her qualifications.

Hutchison has proven himself a professional who can work within the halls of the Legislature and with the governor to get things done, his questioning during committee meetings were always probing and to the point.

We encourage you to cast your vote for lieutenant governor for Mark Hutchison, a man who could easily step into the highest executive office in the state without hesitation.