Linda Montgomery came to Learning Bridge Charter School out of retirement. This is her second year teaching 5th grade for Learning Bridge. She is a dedicated teacher who gives so much to the school and to the students of her classroom. Learning Bridge Charter School’s philosophy is that if you take care of the student, and focus on the student as an individual, test scores will take care of themselves.  Mrs. Montgomery does this extremely well.  Her 5th grade class showed great growth on their CRT scores in math and reading. On the 5th grade CRT science test, the majority of the class was proficient or exceeded proficiency and all students did very well on Data Analysis! Mrs. Montgomery also has her Special Education endorsement. She has willingly assisted Learning Bridge in this area to help serve our Special Education needs. Mrs. Montgomery adds a great deal to our school culture! She makes Learning Bridge Charter School a fun and enjoyable place for staff and students! Not only does Mrs. Montgomery travel every day from Lund, but she also tutors students that go to Lund Elementary on her own time. Last year she served as the “Lund Bus” as she brought students to school everyday! This month we celebrate Linda Montgomery for caring so much about students and being so willing to take time to help them all over White Pine County. Thank you for serving the students of White Pine County! (Courtesy photo)10-17 Learning Bridge1