Dear Editor,

Every year I see the newspaper post pictures, highlights and games of High School athletes, nothing is ever posted about Middle School athletics. Where do you think High School athletes start out?

Middle School volleyball just ended with the girls taking second place in a tournament in Round Mountain. These girls have worked just as hard as the High School team; they have practices, homework and responsibilities. They get on the bus early in the morning play hard all day and get home late at night.

If we don’t encourage our children at this age they will get discouraged and not participate in High School sports. Can you please acknowledge, post pictures, highlights and a schedule of Middle School games in the future?

Rebecca Sommervold

To the Editor,

From May 2012 through July 2014, I worked in the 7th Judicial District Court system, initially as a Judicial Law Clerk and later as a Deputy Public Defender.  During that time, I worked closely with and regularly observed the behaviors of Mr. Wheable and Mr. Brown, candidates for District Attorney.  It is my pleasure to fully endorse Mr. Wheable for District Attorney. He has served his community in so many ways that it is clear how invested in White Pine County he really is.  His leadership will foster a strong system for justice that promises to keep criminals off of the streets and to create a safe place for those who call White Pine County home.

Mr. Wheable has demonstrated commitment, ability and willingness to operate the office with energy, enthusiasm and transparency. He is passionate, honest and hardworking. He seeks only justice.  He is authentic and courageous and is unafraid of taking a stand.  He has the heart and the instincts of a manager and a prosecutor.  He possesses integrity and values liberty above all else.  His qualifications are beyond compare.

Mr. Wheable has an extensive managerial background, which includes managing a union shop with over 60 employees while earning his Bachelor’s degree.  He never asks anything of anyone that he is not willing to do himself.  He has studied and worked abroad and speaks fluent Portuguese and Spanish.  Mr. Wheable graduated from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, where he specialized in Trial Advocacy and earned his Juris Doctor with honors.

Mr. Wheable prosecuted hundreds of cases for the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office in ‘09-‘10. He prosecuted federal crimes for the United States Attorney’s Office in ‘10-‘11.  He was trained to evaluate cases by Judges Papez and Dobrescu as a Law Clerk in ‘11-’12.  Mr. Wheable joined the White Pine County District Attorney’s Office in 2012, and has prosecuted over 100 felony crimes, succeeded in felony jury trials, sent dozens of violent offenders and drug dealers to prison and forfeited assets to the White Pine County Sheriff totaling over $75,000.00, while also managing a successful part-time civil practice in the evenings. Furthermore, law enforcement trust and rely upon Wheable in a way I have never seen before.  Mr. Wheable is the prosecutor they want handling cases.

So, why run for office against his boss?  Mr. Wheable respects Mr. Brown.  I have heard him speak of Mr. Brown with deference.  But Mr. Wheable also speaks with concern born of his duty to White Pine County and its citizens.  The District Attorney’s Office is mismanaged.  Cases are buried in Mr. Brown’s office and forgotten.  The relationship between Mr. Brown and law enforcement seems non-existent.  Mr. Brown acts as though State and County Policies do not apply to him. Mr. Brown is committed only to himself.

In 2013, Deputy District Attorney Pickering resigned and filed suit against Mr. Brown, citing a hostile work environment.  The suit alleged that Pickering acted as a whistle blower for mismanagement of County funds and a breach of security in the bad check account in the District Attorney’s Office prior to Mr. Wheable’s employment there.  Mr. Brown is a former accountant – yet there was a breach of security and the office purportedly “mismanaged county funds?”  The public should be concerned by these allegations! It is my understanding that this is one of several lawsuits Mr. Brown has faced from County employees.

Mr. Brown is not committed to being your District Attorney.  After asking White Pine County to elect him in 2010, Mr. Brown applied for the judicial vacancy created by Judge Papez’s retirement.  Mr. Brown’s willingness to forgo the commitment he made to the office of the District Attorney in pursuit of his own personal interests calls into question his commitment to and respect for the office.

What’s more is that Mr. Brown regularly takes extended weekends and is often absent from the District Attorney’s Office.  Mr. Wheable has shouldered a vast majority of the District Attorney’s caseload over the past two years and has attended and advised the County during County Commission meetings.  Although, in recent months, Mr. Brown has been more “present” in the courtroom, this change is in response to having an opponent and not an actual reflection of Mr. Brown’s term in office.

If you have seen Mr. Wheable in court or during his campaign, surely you agree that his energy is infectious.  Unfortunately, the same enthusiasm has not be seen from his opponent.  Mr. Brown’s lack of motivation spans from the County office through the courtroom and onto the campaign trail.

Mr. Brown hangs his metaphorical election “hat” on his so-called “experience.”  While Mr. Brown is older than Mr. Wheable –he is certainly not more experienced.  A wise person once told me that 5 years of solidly progressive experience in a career is obviously more valuable than 15 repeated “rookie” years of experience.  Repeated rookie experience, I argue, is what Mr. Brown’s experience amounts to. As a former public defender and former special prosecuting attorney I can tell you that defense work is very different from prosecution.  In reality, Mr. Brown has been a prosecutor approximately the same length of time Mr. Wheable has been a prosecutor.

Mr. Brown attempts to prop up his “experience” with his United States Supreme Court admission.  Admission to the Supreme Court is easy – made by filing an application with endorsements.  During his only appearance before the High Court, he failed to timely file a brief in the Ybarra case.  The Supreme Court had to contact him and demand that he file a response.  Mr. Brown failed to act.  The same can be said about deadlines in the Collman case before the Nevada Supreme Court, they passed without action, without motivation.

Mr. Brown has supervised employees.  In fact, as a Deputy Public Defender, he was responsible for supervising his then girlfriend, now wife.  Now, as the District Attorney, he is again responsible for direct supervision of his wife through a grant administered by the Tri-County Prosecution Unit of the Attorney General’s Office.  Both the State of Nevada and White Pine County prohibit a direct line of authority between employees who are in a dating relationship or who are family members.  The relationship between Mr. Brown and his wife began when Mr. Brown was her direct supervisor at the Public Defender’s Office.  He acted with complete disregard of the policy when they began dating and continues to violate the anti-nepotism policy to date.

I believe that Mr. Wheable’s early legal career closely resembles the early career of who, in my opinion, is White Pine County’s finest District Attorney.  Now retired Judge Dan Papez began his legal career as a Law Clerk for The Honorable Judge Hoyt.  Like Mr. Wheable, Judge Papez then worked in the District Attorney’s office for two years before running for the Office of District Attorney.  Judge Papez won that election and in his years as District Attorney faced a number of difficult cases, always growing and learning, but never sacrificing his integrity.

It is my heartfelt belief that the same can be said about Mr. Wheable, now and in years to come.  He has already demonstrated his work ethic, courage and commitment to justice.  Above all else, Mr. Wheable has NEVER sacrificed his integrity or principles – even when doing so would obviously benefit him.  Please join me in supporting Mr. Wheable for District Attorney.

*Mr. Wheable has not approved this opinion or its submission.

Jamie Bedwell

To The Editor,

Salute to veterans,

As Veteran’s Day approaches, I would like to pay respect and honor to all our men and women who serve our great nation, (both past and present) so we may continue to enjoy our cherished freedoms.

As Secretary of the White Pine War Memorial Foundation, I am proud to serve on a Board of Directors who all share the same mission and vision, and who understand how sacred and special our veterans are. We are in awe of the many sacrifices made for us all, and will continue in our quest to “Never Forget Them”.

Our Board members are Dan Maestas-President, Terry Gust-Vice President, Dennis Caviglia-Treasurer, Dave Huckaby-Secretary, Bob Nichols, Brent Rose, Commissioner Mike Lemich, Chris Daly, John O’Flarety, Henry Blair, and Scott Hase.

Our Board represents the second wave of the White Pine War Memorial group. The first Foundation was formed in 1992 and were responsible for the wonderful Veterans Memorial in the downtown park. One of our current board members, Mike Lemich, was instrumental in the planning, fund raising and construction of the monument. I would like to personally thank Mike for his hard work and continued support of our Veterans.

In the next several weeks you will see several stories in this publication,(one being a history of the creation of the downtown monument) leading up to Veteran’s Day.

We would like to remind everyone that there will be a special Veteran’s Day assembly at WPHS on November 5th at 10:00am. Principal Adam Young and Commissioner Richard Howe host and the public is encouraged to attend. A special unveiling of the World War I memorial, designed by student Cami Cazier, will cap off the tribute as we honor and remember all Veterans.

Finally, on behalf of our entire Board, I would like to say “Thank You” to the many patriots in White Pine County who support our foundation every year.  We couldn’t do any of it without you!

“Thank a Veteran today!

David Huckaby

To the Editor,

“Touche’ Lin Burleigh, you said a lot that I have experienced with the city and county government and I personally thank you for writing your letter. I’ve written many and never sent them because I just didn’t know when to quit writing. I want to tell all the people that are in this election, don’t take your responsibilities for granted, this is a gift you are given, to serve.  And to all the local “government” employees, the same goes for you.

 Brenda Alexander

To the Voters/Citizens/Needs to Know of White Pine County:

Regarding my running for White Pine County Hospital District Trustee I wanted you all to be advised of my situation. Do to unforeseen circumstances with my husband resigning as White Pine County Building Official we have relocated to his new being appreciated, highly respected, well deserved, more than qualified, money’s worth job. To set the record straight with my husband, Chris Flannery, in order for him walk away with his integrity intact and after trying to resolve issues over the last couple of years, he did turn in to White Pine County Human Resources (HR)  and the Building Department Commissioner liaison, his 2-week notice resignation letter on May 14, 2014, which was addressed directly to White Pine County Commissioners and presented the day of and prior to a Commission meeting. He filed this letter the same day at the Clerks office for public knowledge/access due to he was an Appointed Official. It is unknown why HR or the Building Department Commissioner liaison did not present it to the Commissioners at the meeting that day, either during public comment, correspondence or when asked by another Commissioner (that was made aware also prior to the meeting) if there were anything to add for the HR Department. Two days later my husband submitted a second resignation letter.  If you’re interested in the resignation letters please go to the clerks office and request them.  And if you want the facts please obtain the information directly or don’t believe hearsay.

So with this job relocation outside of Ely and our moving, my only regret is that I will not be able to fill my seat as a Trustee on the White Pine County Hospital Board that I am running for. I will still be on the ballot come November and if I do win I would have to withdraw and it would go back to the Commissioners for interviewing for this seat. I would like to encourage all of the voters to still vote for me so that this process can take place.  I believe and hope there will be a couple of new Commissioners and they would appoint someone that would be like them and possess knowledge, be ethical/integral, and have a backbone that I would have had sitting on the seat, in order to accomplish making the White Pine County Hospital and Clinic the best place for our community and it’s employees.

As for those of you that didn’t know, I did work as the Hospital Business Office Manager (over Billing & Admitting) for eight years (1999-2007) under a great CEO and mentor who was very efficient, well qualified, and educated (Mr. Bob Morasko).  I know and understand the whole process and where it should be and where it has went since I resigned from there.  I know that bottom line I would have been the most qualified and correct person for this seat and that if I would’ve been staying would have, in a landslide, beat my opponent and not because he is running for another full-time position (Assessor), but because I would’ve been the right choice to get the job done.

Make your vote count and make the right choice.

I would like to thank all of the employees of the Hospital/Clinic and citizens for the overwhelming support in my running and that you trusted and had faith and confided in me your questions, concerns, and problems with the Hospital and Clinic, which I have passed this information on to my opponent.

My husband and I thank all of our ex county co-workers, friends, family, volunteers, and community for all your positive support and you never know we may be back years down the road for Chris to run for County Commissioner and me for the Hospital Board. Oh the places we’ll go when you have integrity.

Signed, Valerie O’Dell-Flannery

To the Editor:

RE: Honor Camp Paints Fence

How “dare” you “insult” the good people of W.P.C. that do REAL community service.

Community service is a voluntary, honorable, act of love. Honorable in the service, and “great love” in the voluntary.

These are “duly convicted” prisoners, doing “mandatory”, “forced”, “involuntary” community servitude.

Just like the students at White Pine High school having been “sentenced” to hundreds of hours of “mandatory”, “required”, “forced”, “involuntary community servitude”, by the W.P.C.S.D.

Do it! or else no high school diploma, “child abuse”.

W.P.C.S.D. thinks our children are their slaves. You see, our children have not been “duly convicted” of any thing, yet the school district thinks they have the right, to sentence our kids to hundreds of hours of involuntary servitude, slavery.

To threaten a child’s entire economic future, no high school diploma, if they do not do the “mandatory” involuntary servitude, is without question, “child abuse.”

No mandatory forced labor = no diploma = what job? = what college? = child abuse, without a doubt.

The Ely Times owes the volunteers doing community service out of the goodness of their heart in W.P.C., an apology for comparing them to duly convicted prisoners doing involuntary community servitude, not community service.

Voluntary = service = servant involuntary = servitude = slave. Not what about your W.P.C. school board?

Slavers, child abusers. “Apologize to our kids.” Now.

From the heart of truth,

Mike Flaming

South Cherry Creek, NV