John Lampros

John Lampros



I was born in McGill, Nevada on April 29, 1940 to Steve and Helen Lampros and raised in McGill. My father Steve was killed in a mining accident in 1942. In 1944 my mother married David D. Dragosavac, who I considered by dad as he and my mom raised me to manhood. I have always been proud to say I was from McGill, Nevada.

I attended McGill Grade School, and White Pine High School and went to college in Salt Lake City, where I majored in Business Administration, and Banking.

I moved to the Reno and the Lake Tahoe area after school and went to work for The First National Bank of Nevada, and the Nevada Bank of Commerce as a tell, loan clerk and finally as operation officer at both banks. I moved to Las Vegas, where I worked for the Nevada State Bank and Frontier Title for many years.

Upon returning back to Ely in 1968, I went to work for the Hotel Nevada as Manager, before going to work for The Nevada Northern Railway as the clerk to the vice-president/general manager of the railroad and later promoted to cashier/payroll in the late 1970s. I was transferred to Kennecott Copper Corporation-Nevada Mines Division to work in the Payroll Department until the closure of Nevada Mines Division in 1983.

I received a job offer with the White Pine County School District in the Accounts Payable Department/Purchasing Agent. I was then promoted to the position of Director of Maintenance and Transportation, until I retired in 2002.

In 1980 I was asked by the seated County Commission to form a new water board for McGill and Ruth taking over the water company that was going into bankruptcy. The new board consisted of five members and we formed the Ruth McGill Water District with money from the State of Nevaa and from Washington D.C. Senator Paul Laxalt, a good friend of White Pine and Governor Richard Bryan helped in this matter. I was able to go to Senator Laxalt who helped us get the money, with his connections with the then President Ronald Reagan, and I later was able to meet the President and thank him.

In 1983 I ran for the seat on the White Pine County Commission and won, beginning my career in the political world. I have always been happy to work for you the people of White Pine in an honest and positive way. I represented this county with loyalty, positive thinking and dignity as your representative in Washington D.C. for the White Pine Power Project. I was elected President of Nevada Association of Counties, served on the Federal Land Board, and several State Boards. With the help of many people we where able to bring in the Nevada State Prison, getting the county back on its feet after the Kennecott closure, and helped to get the Great Basin National Park to stabilize our economy. In the last fours years, with the help of the County Commissin, and the hard work of our staff members, we where able to build the long awaited White Pine Aquatic Center, move the offices out of the annex into a new and safer Administrative Office building. I never make promises, but I will serve you with honesty and dignity to help promote White Pine County Our Home.

Carol McKenzie

Carol McKenzie


My name is Carol Oxborrow McKenzie. I was born and raised in White Pine County, Nevada. My husband and I raised six children in Lund and we still live in Lund. Two of our children live in Lund and one lives in Ely. Two live in West Valley, Utah and one is in Boise, Idaho. I am the grandmother of 39. Our second son and his wife have just adopted an eight-year-old from China. This is our 15th adopted grandchild. I am the great grandmother of 34. Two of the great grandchildren are adopted. Needless to say I sometimes have a hard time remembering birthdays.

I have been involved in many aspects of White Pine County. I served as County Commissioner from 1995-1998. I have served on the Nuclear Waste Advisory Board, the EMS advisory board, and the Regional Planning Commission. I was the Justice of the Peace in Lund for 18 months. I was a cook at two difference restaurants, I worked at Bath Lumber, and at the Lund Post Office, and I retired from driving school bus.

I am currently Past President of the Chamber of Commerce. I have been an EMT for 34 years. I sing in the Community Choir. I am Chairman of the County Planning Commission, and am also Chairman of the Lund Town Council. I am also a member of the Industrial Park Revue Board.

My biggest concerns are the money being spent by our County Commission and the fact that the taxpayers are expected to pay for these things through new taxes. I believe that the commission works for we the people and should make sure that the public is well informed as to what is being done by the commission. I would like to see more information on the agendas. It seems that the information given out in the commission meetings is not always very informative. I would like to see more participation from people in this county. Many of the people in this county have good ideas and I would like to see them brought before the boards and the commission. It takes all of us to make this county what it should be.

I am running for the County Commission because I believe I can make a difference. I am running for Seat 1 which is the seat Mr. Lampros now holds.

I love White Pine County and am very happy to live here. I would appreciate your vote.

Chris Dailey

Chris Dailey


I was born in White Pine County and raised in McGill, Nevada, where I currently reside and where my parents and grandparents resided since 1917. I graduated from White Pine High School, attended UNR and hold a Bachelor of Science Degree. After serving in the U.S. Naval Submarine Force, I worked as an Aerospace Engineer in the private sector. I retired from General Electric where I was named and credited with 6 patents. Currently I am the CEO of Bristlecone Energy, a local renewable energy company in good standing with the state and better business bureau.  In addition to being recently elected as a member of the War Memorial Foundation, I am very active in the community and serve as the Senior Vice Commander at VFW Post 3547 in Ely Nevada, and as a member of the local Elks Lodge.  .

My innovative approach to problems and solutions led to numerous patents in the fields of process development, system design, and system integration.  This technique, coupled with management skills learned while in the service, private corporations, and my own company, gives me a hands-on, solutions-oriented approach to the inherent obstacles that will be faced as White Pine County moves forward. I am a firm believer in the open meeting laws and the transparency that a position like this demands. My heart is with White Pine County and together we can insure that our future growth and expansion will be based on what is the best and the right things for our community, not what’s best for special interest. I will always make myself available and as I have demonstrated can accept constructive criticism.


Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown



Kelly Brown, serving the people of White Pine County for over 17 years.

I ran for White Pine District Attorney in 2010 because I believed that I was the most qualified and could do the best job for the people of White Pine County. That was true in 2010, and it is still true today. I have the most training, I have the most experience, I am the most dedicated.

In addition to my law degree, I hold a Master of Business Administration degree from UNLV. I am admitted to practice law in state court, Nevada’s federal courts and the United States Supreme Court. I am a member of the Nevada District Attorney’s Association and the National District Attorney’s Association. I have 18 years of legal experience, 14 years of experience supervising lawyers and 14 years of experience supervising a law office. I am the only candidate with that experience.

In 1996, I moved to Ely where I was a Deputy State Public Defender until moving to Eureka in 1999 as a Deputy District Attorney. In 2000, I returned to Ely as the Supervising Deputy of the Ely Regional Office of the Nevada State Public Defender. I supervised two other Deputy Public Defenders, handling cases in Eureka, Lincoln and White Pine counties. During the next 10 years I had approximately 40 jury trials. In 2010, I decided I could better serve the citizens of White Pine County as their District Attorney, so I left the public defender’s office and accepted a job as Eureka County Deputy District Attorney while running for White Pine County District Attorney.

Since taking office January 2011, I have taken on several major criminal cases, have established an office that is responsive to the needs of the County Commission and County department heads, and I made several important improvements in the handling of cases by the District Attorney’s office.

The job of District Attorney is broken down into two main areas. On the criminal side the District Attorney represents the State of Nevada in criminal prosecutions. On the civil side the District Attorney represents and counsels the County Commission and the County departments. Criminal cases are very important. The reason I went to law school was to become a prosecutor, but anyone without the experience, training and determination to tackle the civil issues facing White Pine County can only do half the job. I have that experience, training and determination.

Prior to my taking office, the White Pine County District Attorney’s office was not responsive to the commission and department heads. when I took office there was a large backlog of issues that the commissioners asked me to work on. On the rare occasions that I am unavailable to attend a commission meeting I make sure that a member of my office is there to provide counsel to the commission.

There are many important civil issues facing White Pine County. I am proud to have worked with Simeon Herscovitz in the fight against the SNWA water grab. Simeon is a water law expert and has done much to save our water. Last year I saw second chair at the district court hearings, and consulted with Simeon on strategy and briefs he filed. I am up to date on this important issue that we are fighting in the Nevada Supreme Court and Federal District Court. Another important issue is the Yucca Mountain Project. There is not much happening with this issue currently, but it could start back up at any time and if it does, I will be able to move forward with the White Pine County contentions. One of the most important civil issues that will face White Pine County in the near future is access to public lands. We have to make sure that our RS2477 roads stay open. I am working with our road department and Commission to make sure that happens. I am the only candidate that has experience with these issues.

In criminal prosecutions it is the duty of the District Attorney to seek justice, not just victory at any cost. A prosecutor must have a good faith belief that an accused person is indeed guilty of the crime for which he is accused, and he should also believe that he has the evidence to obtain a conviction. When we have that good faith belief in our case and our evidence, we aggressively prosecute our cases. I have tried approximately forty jury trials; up to and including murder. I am the only candidate with that experience.

Not long after I took office there was a very serious incident where a White Pine County Sheriff’s office sergeant was shot at by two young men. I was able to place those dangerous criminals in prison for 22 years. In 2012 I was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, where I was able to successfully defeat Robert Ybara in a claim that he was intellectually disabled.

In another capital murder case, I responded to 75 different arguments that Thomas Collman made as part of his claim that he did not receive a fair trial in 1996. There was very little action in this case for the 10 years prior to my taking office, but since then we have had written briefings, a two-week evidentiary hearing, post hearing briefs and now an appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court. It takes a great deal of time and effort to defend the work of the prosecution and court that took this case on 18 years ago. I have had to go through many thousands of pages of transcripts, reports, case law and legal arguments, but I am dedicated to seeing that justice is done.

I have had extensive training in trial advocacy and in capital cases. I have served as defense counsel on several capital cases, and I have worked on murder cases that have gone to a jury trial. I have also worked on post-conviction issues as your district attorney. While we always hope that we will not have these kinds of cases, they do happen. These cases are different from other criminal cases. There are a lot more rules that have to be followed, and the actions of the prosecution are closely scrutinized. Next time tragedy strikes our community, we need a prosecutor that has experience handling capital cases. I am the only candidate that has that experience.

Attorneys are required to participate in continuing legal education, and over the years I have participated in a large number of classes to aid in my abilities as a prosecutor. I have had classes in domestic violence, child abuse and the prosecution of child sexual abuse among many others. I recently attended a week long class in computer forensics put on and paid for by the United States Secret Service. At this training we learned how to work with investigators to retrieve evidence from electronic devices and use that evidence to prosecute crimes. That is a skill that is becoming more and more important every day. I have also had extensive training in drug abuse, one of our most prevalent crimes. We must attack this problem on two fronts, which is why it is my policy to provide treatment for those who suffer from drug addition and strongly prosecute those who perpetuate that misery by bringing drugs into our community. Drug abuse is not a victimless crime. The whole community suffers from drug crimes. That is why I worked with Judge Papez and Judge Dobrescu and then District Attorney, Sears to start the Drug Court Program in 2006.

I have been active in this community for years. I have been a member of the Ely Elks Lodge for 14 years. I have served in nearly every capacity in the Lodge including Exalted Ruler. For the last several years I have served on the scholarship committee. I have enjoyed judging the scholarship applications and seeing what really excellent students we have in this community. I was also on the committee that brought back the horse races to Ely and have worked as a volunteer at the races. I am a former member of AG District 13, where I helped put on the bull riding events for the community. I have worked as a course worker for the Silver State Classic Challenge, and was the course worker coordinator for several years. I have been a member of the Ely Lions Club for several years and have participated in putting on the wrestling tournament and worked at the pancake breakfast, among other events.

I have made positive changes in the White Pine County District Attorney’s Office, but I realize that there is still work to be done. I appreciate your support and ask that you re-elect me to the office of White Pine County District Attorney, so I can continue to work had to make this a great place to live.

Mike Wheable

Mike Wheable


I believe in a professional public office, which can withstand the strict scrutiny and expectations of this community. I will put to practice my decade of management experience, and several years as a prosecutor to reform the office in the following ways:

More Capable, More Experienced Prosecutor: I am running for the Office of District Attorney because I am more capable and organized to manage the case load, I have more real-life experience to make tough decisions, and am more invested in this community to make it a safer place to raise my family and yours. I have the work ethic and energy to meet the demands of a busy and complex office. I can say honestly, what my opponent cannot about experience: As a prosecutor, since October of 2009, I have prosecuted well over a hundred Felony cases, thousands of misdemeanor cases, written several dozen Oppositions to Motions, written dozens of Post-Conviction Habeas Corpus and Appellate briefs, reviewed several dozen warrants for local, State, and Federal Law Enforcement Officers, stood next to Law enforcement as they executed search warrants, forfeited from drug dealers over $75,000 in assets to White Pine County, and prosecuted 6 times as many jury trials as my opponent. Meanwhile, I successfully managed my own civil case load, served as a Scout Leader, volunteered in the Rotary Club, Mule Deer Foundation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, White Pine County Search and Rescue and am a husband and proud father of four children under the age of 10.

Trust: Government is a necessary evil. In a Nation and County where public distrust of government is growing, we need to ensure that our elected leaders are individuals of integrity. Integrity means being honest in all of your dealings, even when you are not being watched or likely to be caught. Public Figures with integrity do not “play favorites,” but treat the established residents the same as the most humble transient. Public Figures with integrity earn their salary by working a full honest day. I hold my integrity sacred, and will establish safeguards to protect the transparency of the Office of District Attorney. I will maintain an open file and open door policy. I will invite the County Treasurer and Finance Director to inspect our records and accounts randomly, and without notice.  I will invite defense attorneys into the office to look through our evidence. Further, I will continue to balance my duty to vigorously prosecute violent criminals and drug dealers, while also respecting and upholding the privacy and constitutional rights of the individual. I recognize that the community has developed distrust for Law Enforcement. It is not my job to be liked, but I do expect people to know that I am fair. Through training, outreach, and communication, I will work to rebuild the relationship between law enforcement and our community.

Case Management:  Unlike the current practice, each new case will be reviewed personally by me and then assigned. Efficiency is my mandate, organization and individual fairness is my commitment. No case will be lost, neglected, or forgotten in a box in the corner of the office. While I am aggressive, no defendant will be needlessly dragged through the system. Prosecution will be swift, civil cases prompt, and issues submitted by County Departments will be reviewed with diligence and professionalism.

Training: I have discussed with the Sheriff’s Office the need for frequent communication and training for both law enforcement and the Deputies in the District Attorney’s Office. I will continue to provide up-to-date legal training, testifying techniques, and case work-up procedures for law enforcement, and training in our office to meet the demands of modern litigation techniques, case management, discovery practice, organization, and presentation. Office staff will be required to act competently and carry themselves professionally.

Reform your Public Office. Vote MIKE WHEABLE for your DISTRICT ATTORNEY.


Dan Watts

Dan Watts



I am Nevada Native, being raised in Overton, Nevada. I began my law enforcement career at White Pine County Sheriff’s Office in 1987 and was elected as the White Pine County Sheriff in 2007, and have 27 combined years of law enforcement and criminal justice experience.

For 25 years I have been happily married to Shellie.  We are exceptionally proud of our 4 children Brandon, Danielle, Tyler and Austin.

I graduated from the National Sheriffs Institute, the Rural Executive Management Institute from the University of Arkansas and was appointed by Governor Sandoval to serve as a commissioner for the Nevada Peace Officers Standards and Training.  Currently, I serve as acting President of the Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association, which includes a position on the committee for court room security with the National Sheriffs’ Association.

I have successfully made substantial changes to the White Pine County jail facility.  The jail now meets the National Jail Standards.  The budget for the upcoming year, is comparable to the 2006 budget.  I am currently working on an expansion to the county jail, which will meet and exceed all Federal mandates.

As the executive of the Eastern Nevada Narcotics Task Force, I have assisted in leading the state in substantial narcotic (heroin, meth, cocaine etc.) seizures.   I have testified several times at the Nevada Legislature to strive to maintain funding for the task force.

My dedication with the affiliation of the youth of White Pine County, includes serving as a coach for middle school wrestling and football, as well as high school football for more than 20 years.

It is an honor to serve as Sheriff of White Pine County and I appreciate the continued support of the community.

Penny Jo Robison

Penny Jo Robison


If I am elected as your Sheriff, my intention is to make the White Pine County Sheriff’s office a department that we are all comfortable with and exceeds expectations.

As your sheriff I will be “firm but fair”. I am very community oriented with an “open door” policy.

I have lived in White Pine County since 1967. Attended elementary school, and graduated from White Pine High School in 1981.

I started with White Pine County Sheriff’s Office in 1991 as a dispatcher. The following year I tested for and was hired as a Deputy Sheriff within the patrol division. Attended the Police Officers Standards and Training (POST) academy in 1992. In 2007 was promoted to Patrol Sergeant and have held that position since. As such, I am also a Deputy Coroner for White Pine County.

My husband Lester served 36 years in law enforcement of which 32 years were with White Pine County Sheriff’s Office. He has since retired. My late father-in-law, Archie Robison who served more than 30 years in law enforcement including four terms (16 years) as Sheriff for White Pine County. I have been with White Pine County Sheriff’s Office for more than 22 years. Our immediate family is also looking at law enforcement. It is family tradition to serve in law enforcement in White Pine County and I am humbled to be a part of such dedicated individuals. To that end, I will serve the citizens of White Pine County to the best of my ability.

I will not make promises that I cannot commit myself to, however I will answer your questions and address your concerns.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Penny Jo Robison

Katherine Bakeric

Katherine Bakeric



My name is Catherine Bakaric and I am running for White Pine County Treasurer. It has been my privilege to serve as your Treasurer since interviewing successfully and being appointed on July 1, 2013.

I moved to White Pine County almost 19 years ago and I am proud and happy to call this my home. I married into a long-time local family and my in-laws, my two daughters and my granddaughter all live in White Pine County. Since moving here I have live in both Ely and McGill and I truly enjoy the beauty, opportunities and life style that White Pine County has to offer.

I have an MBA and extensive experience in banking, auditing and management. Since taking office I have learned the many duties and functions of the Treasurer’s office. I look forward to continuing to work to make the Treasurer’s office run effectively and efficiently. I take pride in delivering outstanding customer service and I have begun plans to modernize the Treasurer’s office in such as areas as record retention and document preservation and availability.

I would be happy to hear from any White Pine County residents who have question, needs or concerns and I look forward to the opportunity to speak with the people at the Candidates Forum on October 14th.


Mike Lemich

Mike Lemich



I’m Mike Lemich and I am a candidate for White Pine Commission, Seat #5.

Born in Tonopah Canyon, a native of 78 years, leaving only for school and military services. Tonopah Canyon, an area near old Ruth, which was moved in the early 1950’s to the present location of new Ruth.

I attended elementary school in Old Ruth and White Pine High in Ely. Upon graduation, I attended UNR for two years, then returned to Ruth to help my family move our home from Ruth to Ely.

Early in my life, I worked in the mines in Ruth and Kimberly, then I worked for the White Pine County Assessor. Doing all the outside work in this office, allowed me to travel every corner of the county. Talking with the miners, ranchers and other residents, was an invaluable experience. I then operated a sporting goods store in Ely for 17 years.

In 1980, I started Country Construction and have worked in this field since then. I recently retired and have the time to devote to the Commission and White Pine County.

I served on the Nevada Fish and Game Commission for 16 years, with 14 years on the Executive Board.

My involvement in this commission and my knowledge of White Pine County has given me good insight into State and County government, which I can put to use to help guide the county.

I have great concerns for White Pine County. I believe White Pine County is by far the best county within the state; its resources,people and life style are second to none.

There are several issues to address, but first and foremost, is the health, safety, and welfare of the people. The lack of cooperation, obstruction of operations and unwise spending can jeopardize and compromise these services.

Cooperation – is an absolute must to maintain and support these services. There is no room for disagreement, and a lot of room for good constructive discussion. We are a small community with limited financial resources, so we must cooperate and work together for the common good. I work hard to establish a good relationship with the city and other entities.

Law enforcement, some firemen and EMT’s are full-time paid employees. My concern is the volunteers, both firemen and EMT’s who we are so dependent on.

I make every effort to support these volunteers and create a good cooperative, healthy work environment, lightening their load, all while giving them the help, credit and respect they deserve.

To place constraints and boundaries on these people harms their ability to perform and help people in need. This is completely unacceptable. There are no boundaries in White Pine County.

The uncontrolled spending and depletion of our financial reserves has stopped. Today White Pine County is debt free.

White Pine County has capital improvements scheduled. The county intends to pay for these with money on hand, as opposed to utilizing department service arrangements. Therefore, all of the indebtness reports reflect no current debt and no scheduled anticipated debt for the next five years.

My desire as well as the desires of the citizens of White Pine County have been fulfilled; we have a year-round swimming pool – paid in full, all maintenance, operating costs are in place. The Ely and McGill pools are now under one budget and will compliment each other.

We are doing great and with your support, we will continue to do better.

Thank you. Mike Lemich

Gary Perea

Gary Perea


My name is Gary Perea and I am a candidate for Seat 5 on the Board of County Commissioners. For those who don’t know me, I have lived in Baker for the last 37 years. I went to Baker Grade School, graduated from White Pine High School, and earned a degree in History from Southern Utah University. I married my wife in 1993. We have five children, one still at home and we have 5 grandchildren. Since graduating from SUU, I have co-manage the family business, the Border Inn.

I have done many things to help the county while running the business and raising a family. I have been an active EMT since 1996. This is where I learned to focus on what needs to be done, while not getting tunnel vision and forgetting the other important things. I served nine years on the Mt. Wheeler Power Board, and was Chairman the last two. I have been a County Commissioner for two previous terms. Over the years I have served on many committees and advisory boards in my role as County Commissioner and private citizen. These include:

Central Nevada Regional Water Authority

White Pine County Water Advisory Board

Member of Governor Gibbon’s Climate Change Committee

Member of Governor Sandoval’s Workforce Investment Board- Tourism, Gaming and Entertainment

Baker General Improvement District

Baker Area Citizens Advisory Board

Public Lands Users Advisory Committee

This is just an example of the many different committee’s and board’s I have been on. I feel I have a well-rounded knowledge of White Pine County and the issues that face us.

A big issue is the lack of representation in Carson City and the huge influence of the gaming and building industries have over the Legislature, the rural counties have to continue to fight not to get push to the side.  For example, in the 2003 Legislative session, the southern Legislators changed the formula on how the gas tax is divided between each County. They changed it so Southern Nevada got more of the gas tax and the rural counties got less.

The State is doing it again with Question No. 2 on this year’s ballot. The State wants to increase the taxes on the mines and change how the proceeds are distributed. The thing to focus on is the word distributed. The state wants to change it so that southern Nevada gets more of the mine tax and the rural counties get less. This is extremely unfair to the rural counties since this is where the impacts happen.

State Senator Goicoechea does a great job of representing us, but he needs help watching out for Rural Nevada. If elected I will do my very best to help Senator Goicoechea, this includes making trips to Carson City during the Legislative Sessions.

I will not support an increase to the franchise tax. I believe this tax is unfair to the residents of White Pine County.

I have been and will continue to fight the Southern Nevada Water Authority water pipeline. We have had many successes the last few years and I won’t stop until this project is dead.

I will use my knowledge and skills to fight for White Pine County. The three things that I pride myself on are, I am honest, work hard, and I listen. I would appreciate your vote in this year’s election. If you have questions please contact me at 234-7356 or


Debbie Underwood

Debbie Underwood



I’m Debbie Underwood, the current Assessor, and am seeking to be elected to Assessor to continue my career. I applied to be appointed to Assessor upon Robert Bishop’s retirement for the following reasons:

• Wanted to further my career.

• Wanted the challenge to learn the Assessor’s duties – to learn the remaining aspect and functions of the office that i hadn’t yet learned.

• Enjoy learning new things and experiences in life.

• Have a love and passion for the job

• Have always had a sense for equality & fairness.

I was appointed to Assessor on September 14, 2013 by all five County Commissioners over the other three applicants.


• 16 years of experience in the Assessor’s office.

• Licensed Tax Appraiser since March 1999.

• Over 360 Continuing Education Hours to maintain Appraiser License.

• Eight years of mapping for the Assessor’s office.

• Knowledgeable in the software used such as Microsoft 2010, Apex, AS400-ADS which has specific programming for the assessor’s office, Pictometry, Imagenation & Sidwell (Mapping), and Easy Scan.

• Dedicated & hardworking for the taxpayers.

• Friendly, professional & ethical

• Trained with Robert Bishop for nine months learning reports that are required by the Department of Taxation.

• Member of the Nevada Assessor’s Association.

• Member of IAAO (Their standards of appraising has been adopted by the Department of Taxation).

• Reference letter from Robert Bishop who stated, “During the time Debbie has been working in the Assessor’s Office she has learned the operations of the office and can carry out all functions of the office with little supervision. Debbie is highly motivated and willing to learn any job that is given to her. I would highly recommend Debbie for any position”.

• My personal credit score is 770 and above; the same care I give my personal budget, I give to the county budget.

Three major requirements in the Assessor’s office:

• The Assessor’s office provides assessed values through property appraisals for all taxable properties located in White Pine County, it is a misunderstanding that the Assessor’s office does accounting.

• Maintain parcel plat maps for the county.

•Ensure that all White Pine County taxpayers are treated equitably and fairly.


I have two wonderful daughters: Robin Fairchild Brunson, who is working for Bank of America in Reno doing investments; she has two sons, Tyler and Cody Brunson. My other daughter is Lori Fairchild Swartz, their daughter Katelyn and their son Aiden. I live in Ely with Mike Eldridge and his precious mother Elva. I would like to give a special thanks to Mike for all his help, understanding, support and patience throughout this election process.


I enjoy living in White Pine County, I feel it is a community that pulls together and has a lot to offer with all the different activities that come to our area, There is something for everyone.

I am asking the voters to please keep my experience in the office. I take pride in serving White Pine County and I will continue to work hard for you as your Assessor.

Burton Hilton

Burton Hilton


My name is Burton Hilton and I feel that my education, experience, and involvement will enable me to effectively serve the residents of White Pine County in the capacity of Assessor.

As a fourth generation White Pine County resident and a small business owner since 2002, I have seen the cyclical economic conditions that our county is prone to, which result in the accompanying swings in assessed values.  Because of this volatility, it is important to maintain the most accurate assessments of all real and personal property.    Property taxes are the major consistent source of funding for many local government entities, so ensuring accurate assessments is critical to planning and serving the community.  One of my major focuses will be to continue improving the use of user friendly technology for the residents and the county.

Further, I have a B.S. in Accounting from the University of South Carolina.  My business-based educational background will assist me in providing the citizens and businesses of White Pine County with good service while I carry out my duty to the County residents.  My educational background proves that I am able to learn new tasks quickly and that I have the ability to critically analyze situations.

I have owned my own accounting and real estate business for the past 12 years.  This experience has given me firsthand knowledge and experience in interacting with the Assessor’s office and working with customers.  As Assessor, the public is the customer and providing great customer service is paramount.  In addition, directing and coordinating the work of the office is important.  I am able to effectively manage personnel and prioritize the work of the department.

The mission of the Assessor’s Office is to ensure that all White Pine County taxpayers receive equitable assessments on their property, in accordance with Nevada Revised Statutes and regulations of the Nevada State Tax Commission.  I have studied all of the applicable legislation that impacts the Assessor’s Office, and I feel confident that I can uphold the mission of the office.

White Pine County is my home and I care deeply for its future.  I am a graduate of White Pine High School.  Involvement in our community is what helps make it such a wonderful place to live.  I am a volunteer firefighter/EMT with the City of Ely Fire Department, Treasurer for the St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, volunteer for the Ely Renaissance Society, and serve as a Trustee for the William B. Ririe Hospital.  I’ve even donated blood over 50 times.

I feel that you must understand and appreciate the past, and live in the present to make informed decisions for the future.  Making informed decisions will enable our community to continue to prosper, in the good times and the challenging times.  I hope that you will find me to be your choice for the future in the Assessor’s office.

I would appreciate your vote of confidence in me to serve as your White Pine County Assessor.



Nichole Baldwin

Nichole Baldwin


Nichole Baldwin is the best candidate for County Clerk and the winner in the Primary Election. She’s been a White County resident for 12 years and a rural Nevadan for over 20. She is a mother, a volunteer, a citizen, a college graduate, a proud American, a Christian, and an avid support of the freedoms and liberties afford to us by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution. Nichole Baldwin is the most experienced candidate with seven years spent working in the Clerk’s office. She was hired by Donna Bath in 2007 and was promoted by Lin Burleigh in 2011 to Chief Deputy Clerk.

Ms. Baldwin is the only candidate with seven years of direct, hands on experience serving the District Courts in the courtroom and in the office by maintaining court files and controlling various programs essential to its proper functioning. She is the only candidate who has acted as the Election Manager by executing essential functions during the 2010 election year and has held a significant role as Poll Worker Chairman in McGill for all other elections previous to this year. Ms. Baldwin is the only candidate who has served the Commissioners as acting clerk in current and previous clerk’s absences and has taken minutes at various times when needed.

Nichole Baldwin is the most experienced Court Clerk in the clerk’s office. All other court clerks in the clerk’s office have less than a year of experience and are still training. What does all of this experience say about Ms. Baldwin as a candidate? It shows that she is passionate about what she does. It shows her dedication to customer service, our community, and her career. It shows that she is committed to serving the public, the courts, and the county commissioners.

Nichole Baldwin’s experience is imperative to the successful operations of the clerk’s office. Her experience sets her apart from the rest and ensures you, the voters, that Nichole Baldwin is the best, most qualified candidate and will not require training from any source to do the job as County Clerk. Even Albert Einstein said “the only source of knowledge is experience.”

Nichole Baldwin is the most educated candidate by possessing a Bachelor’s Degree in Management. Ms. Baldwin is the only candidate who has attended several conferences and trainings specific to the clerk’s duties in the District Court, elections as well as management and supervisory skill enhancement.

Nichole Baldwin is the only candidate who is endorsed by past county clerks. She is the only candidate whose work and volunteer history supports her dedication to the community. Ms. Baldwin is the only candidate ready to do the job as county clerk because she has already been doing it.

It is up to you, the voters, to choose the candidate you know will do the job and do it right. Vote for experience. Vote for qualifications. Vote for skill and knowledge. Vote Nichole Baldwin for County Clerk. She is simply the best choice. Thank you.

Debra Rivero

Debra Rivero


I would like to introduce you to Debra Ann Rivero.  She is very personable but professional at the same time.  She smiles a lot and gives everyone she meets a feeling of warmth and caring.  She radiates a sense of self-confidence that tells you if she doesn’t know the answer to your question, she can and will find the answer.

Deb has been married for 37 years to Gregory.  Debbie and Greg have two daughters and seven grandchildren.  They were both born, raised, and always resided in Nevada.  They currently have a home in Lund, a small five acre piece of heaven, where you will find a sign at their door “Rancho not so Grande”.   Deb and her husband also have a home they recently purchased in Ely to cut down on travel time during the work week where she can be seen most mornings walking to work.

Debbie graduated from high school with honors and received the award of Business Student of the Year.  She attended a Jr. College majoring in Court Reporting.  She has also taken over 30 supervisory and computer courses.

Debra has over 30 years work experience and is currently working as Deputy County Clerk here in Ely at the Courthouse.   Her job experience started as an Office Assistant at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, a Senate Stenographer for three different Senators at the Nevada State Legislature, Management Assistant for the Nevada Department of Wildlife, Administrative Secretary at the Las Vegas Valley Water District, an Office Assistant at the SNWA Ranch and an Office Assistant/Accountant at the Hotel Nevada.  Debra is part owner of a Survey and Water Rights Company with her husband.  (Her toughest boss yet she loves to say!)

Debbie loves to get involved in her community.  She is a member of the Ely Community Choir, Nevada Department of Transportation’s Adopt a Highway program, and volunteers for just about anything anyone asks her to do.  She is an active member of Sacred Heart Church where she is an Extraordinary Minister and a Lector.  Debbie and her husband have organized and hosted several masses in Lund, and she is a member of Our Lady of Snows Guild.   Her husband, Gregory, is also very active in the community.  He is current President of the Rotary Club, Chairman of the Public Land Users Advisory Committee, and Treasurer of the Knights of Columbus to name a few.

Debra has always been a person to stand up and fight for what’s right.  She has a proven track record of exactly that when she stood up against SNWA and prevailed.

With Debra as your County Clerk, you can be assured of a strong, capable leader for White Pine County that can’t be bullied and knows how to hold her head up high no matter the circumstances.  She will work extremely well with the County Commissioners to ensure a smooth operating office.  You can bank on the fact that Deb will make sure that the office is operated in a helpful, friendly atmosphere and that everyone that walks through the office door will be treated professionally and courteously.

Deb would like to thank you very much for spending your valuable time reviewing her profile and hopefully getting to know her better.  With a strong work background, good supervisory skills, and a dedication to the community, Debbie is the right person for the job!