The White Pine High School team took a step back from their homecoming win, getting blown out on the road 55-0 against Needles on Friday. Coach Quinn Ewell said that he knew the game was going to be tough heading into it, but that he was proud of the team’s attitude throughout the loss.

“They were pretty much just a better team than us,” Ewell said. “But even though we were outmatched, the players kept playing tough and kept their heads up the whole game. That was something I was really proud of.”

Ewell said that he is not going to focus on the blowout. Instead, his team has been focused on their gameplan to shutdown their next  opponent’s best athlete.

“Next up we have Mountain View, who I think we have a good shot at beating. They’re a really pass oriented team because they have a great athlete in their quarterback. We’ve been working all week on practicing containing him in the pocket and working our coverage downfield,” Ewell said.

The approach better suits the Bobcat defense according the coach. Mountain View’s spread formations allow the Bobcats to better utilize their quickness to make plays. Something that wasn’t so much a factor against the bigger, run first offense of Needles.

The Bobcats will play Mountain View on the road on Oct. 25 at 1 p.m.