Financial Representative for Country Financial Christie Lane says she enjoys helping people plan for retirement. (Garrett Estrada photo)

Financial Representative for Country Financial Christie Lane says she enjoys helping people plan for retirement. (Garrett Estrada photo)

As a Financial Representative for Country Financial in Ely, Christie Lane said that her favorite thing about her line of work is getting to know people.

“The best part of the insurance business is the relationships you build,” Lane said.

Since moving to Lund from Los Angeles in 1987 and then over to Ely after that, Lane said that the one of the biggest differences going from a big city to a small community was spending time with her clients, and watching their families and financial needs grow.

“By getting to know each other, they get to know what I can do for them,” Lane said.

What Lane does do ranges from offering home and auto insurance policies, to scheduling yearly meetings with long-time clients to help them understand how they are progressing on a custom built retirement plan. While Lane admits that many of her first time customers walk in the door specifically looking for home and auto, she said that through asking questions, she often finds that Country Financial can benefit them through policies and plans they might not have been aware of.

Of those types of plans is life insurance. Lane has found that most people believe that they can’t afford life insurance, or at least believe that they can’t. But often times, after sitting down with them and going over the actual benefits, and how plans can be catered to almost any budget, Lane said that for most people it can become “another part of being financially secure.”

“I find that when they know exactly what they are paying for, it isn’t so hard to pay for,” Lane said. “It’s to protect what they have now and plan for the future.”

But life insurance is only a piece of the financial puzzle. For many, the real concern is retirement, and wondering if they will have enough money put away to live off of the way they would like. Lane said that it can be a scary topic because it can feel overwhelming, but the trick is to break it down into “baby steps.”

“Everybody has a different idea of what financial security means. Retirement is the same way. Some people want to have plenty of money reserved, others are focused on retiring early,” Lane said. “That is why I work with them to figure out what their goals are and come up with a unique plan to help them reach those goals.”

Lane meets with her clients to go over their plans at least once a year, to keep them up to date. She said that as people’s lives change, so to do their retirement plans. One thing that won’t change though, is who her clients deal with each and everytime.

“It’s about longevity. I tell people that I have been apart of this community since 1987 and I’m not going anywhere,” Lane said.

For more information on County Financial’s different policies and plans, contact Lane at 775-289-2886.