When the Gaughan family purchased the Hotel Nevada among other properties in Ely back in February, they said they planned to build upon the property’s already solid foundation. Thursday marks perhaps the biggest addition made by the new owners yet, as the Hotel Nevada will introduce the first live betting sports book to Ely.

Working with the sports wagering gurus at Las Vegas Dissemination Company, the Hotel Nevada’s new sports book will offer “unique” betting lines created solely for Ely bettors. According to Jay Vaccaro of LVDC, the sports book inside the Hotel Nevada will start by offering betting on all major sporting teams as well as parlay cards and prop bets, such as which NFL team will win the Super Bowl.

“We wanted to offer something unique to locals. We are going to find out what Ely bettors like and then we are going to try and cater to them,” Vaccaro said.

The new sports book will replace the William Hill betting machine that had been inside of the Hotel Nevada. Vaccaro said that having a live sports book will offer many advantages over the previous, franchised out betting machine.

“People will be able to talk to us and tell us what they would like to see. We can answer their questions and try to find ways to make them happy,” Vaccaro said.

The addition of the live sports betting has apparently been the plan for the Gaughan’s all along for the Hotel Nevada. Vaccaro said that the hotel’s half owner John Gaughan brought up the idea to him shortly after buying his share of the property.

“He’s been in the sports book business a long time and that was one of the first things he wanted to do in Ely,” Vaccaro said.