The 2014-2015 Junior High and High School Rodeo season started Sept. 27. The rodeo season consists of 12 two day rodeos held in cities throughout the state of Nevada. Ely will play host to the end of the high school season when it will host the Nevada High School Rodeo finals in June 2015.

The first two rodeos of the season are now over. The first was held in Spanish Springs on Sept. 27 and the second was held in Elko on Oct. 3-4. Here are the results for those that competed for White Pine County.

Spanish Springs – Sept. 27

3rd: Shay Zeman – Barrels (18.615)

4th: Shay Zeman – Poles (22.625

4th: Shay Zeman – Ribbon Roping (33.760)

Sun., Sept. 28

15th: Madison Panagopoulos – Breakaway (18.080)

43rd: Madison Panagopoulos – Poles (33.790)

6th: Shay Zeman – Barrels (19.318)

6th: Shay Zeman – Poles (23.522)

2nd: Shay Zeman – Ribbon Roping

Elko –  Oct. 4

7th: Madison Panagopoulos – Breakaway (21.280)

6th: Jamie Wines – Goats (11.450)

8th: Sadie Leyba – Goats (11.830)

16th: Catherine Odgers – Goats (14.930)

29th: Victoria Theurer – Barrels (22.782)

36th: Madison Panagopoulos – Barrels (22.782)

27th: Madison Panagopoulos – Poles (30.012)

17th: Shay Zeman – Barrels (23.731)

20th: Shay Zeman – Poles (39.421)

2nd: Shay Zeman – Ribbon Roping (27.370)

Sun., Oct. 5

12th: Catherine Odgers – Breakaway (7.35)

14th: Jamie Wines – Goats (13.420)

18th: Sadie Leyba – Goats (16.400)

37th: Catherine Odgers – Barrels (20.782)

40th: Victoria Theurer – Barrels (21.193)

13th: Victoria Theurer – Poles (24.287)

2nd: Ryan Benson & Ryan McKnight – Team Roping (15.430)

5th: Shay Zeman – Barrels (18.289)

22nd: Maggie Wines – Barrels (32.193)

7th: Maggie Wines – Poles (24.761)

16th: Shay Zeman – Poles (32.545)

We would also like to congratulate the following team members who have been selected to represent Nevada as members of the CINCH Junior High and High School Rodeo team:

Sadie Leybra, Jessie Leybra and Shay Zeman.

The next rodeo will be held at Alamo, NV on October 31-November 2. Bring the family and come support the White Pine County Junior High School and High School Rodeo Team.