Letter to the Editor: From The Zoo to You

We have reached that time of year again to renew your sign-ups of your Ridley’s Advantage Card Program points to The Zoo Inc. (They need to be renewed every year).  Zoo volunteers will be at Ridley’s on Saturday November 8th and Saturday November 15th from 10:00 am to

4:00 pm.  The Zoo now more than ever needs your help as we closed our store “Thrifty Tails” May 31st 2014 which was one of our big fundraisers. How the point donation program works: if you don’t use your points (to shop online) that you accrue when you shop at Ridley’s, then you can donate the points to The Zoo and Ridley’s then turns those point into cash for non-profit organizations like ours.  If you don’t use them then they are just lost and they are of no benefit to anyone.  We have helped so many animals (people) through our low cost spay and neuter program for dogs and cats over the last eight years and will continue to do so because of your generosity. We have made a huge dent, but we can’t stop now. This is a wonderful way to donate without having to give money.  You have heard me “preach” over and over again about the importance of spay and neutering your pets and we must.  It is not only to stop the overpopulation of animals, but there is a medical side to this also that makes your pet healthier by spay and neutering.  Talk to our Vets about that.  Please be aware that we are not affiliated with any other animal groups/ programs out there in our community.  Our low cost spay and neuter program applies to anyone (low income please) that has a pet of their own, adopts an animal or rescues an animal.  The sign-up is very fast and it takes just a minute to do so much.  Thank you for supporting The Zoo.

Brenda Alexander

To the Editor,

We have been living with drought in the southwest for years, so long that many of us are tuning it out. That’s especially easy to do in Las Vegas and Clark County. There are still acres of green grass just about everywhere we look, especially in the wealthy parts of town.

Surface water, particularly the lifeline of the Colorado River and Lake Mead, remains incredibly important; it is where Las Vegas gets about 90 percent of its metropolitan water supply for drinking, bathing, washing and irrigation. The drought, however, has combined with waste to cut the volume of water in the river and Lake Mead in half. Global warming and climate change may make this a permanent water shortage.

The answer to the Las Vegas water crisis is not the construction of a short-term, quick-fix pipeline to bring ancient and limited groundwater 250 miles to Clark County at a bankrupting cost to rate payers of over $15.8 billion.

Instead, our focus must be on increased water conservation – indoors as well as outdoors, growth management, harvest of rainwater, and other sustainable solutions.

Additionally, it is imperative that the US Department of Interior work with Nevada and other Colorado River Basin states to address how water in the Colorado River is used. Currently, about 78% is used for highly inefficient irrigation in California and Arizona, much of it for thirsty crops such as alfalfa that is then exported overseas. Increasing the efficiency of irrigation, smart changes in crops and a re-balancing of water use between agriculture, wildlife and municipal use is an absolute necessity.

We can find our water balance in southern Nevada, and we must. Without adequate clean water Nevada will wither as our economy and quality of life suffer.

Daniel R. Patterson

Ecologist & Public Lands Campaigner

Center for Biological Diversity

To the Editor:

I was in court when Judge Rose found the City Council and the Mayor violated open meeting laws. I listened to this elected body and Mayor swear to tell the truth and then couldn’t seem to remember much of anything. Some of them had a lot of trouble understanding and answering questions put before them and a couple councilmen spent their time trying to prove their above-average intelligence by talking down to us. Judge Rose didn’t buy it.

The point of this letter is to implore the good Citizens of Ely to sign the recall petitions for all these officials, who violated the law. I’ve had people say they can’t sign because some attend their church or work with them. BUT DIDNT THEY VIOLATE THE LAW? I’ve had people say they can’t sign because they do business with the City and they think they will be retaliated against. Well that would also be against the law. What does that say about the character of these officials? Some say they are afraid to sign because it will hurt their business. I say if these “officials” shut down the NNRy – this will hurt everyone’s business. Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing in a small town because we are not anonymous here. I say, please do the right thing. We need to remove people who don’t have Ely’s best interest at heart. Don’t give them a pass. If you do, they will continue to violate our trust, and our laws to benefit themselves.

Remember what our Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence said in the last sentence “And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”


Shirley Purinton