INDIANAPOLIS — They came here from nearly every state not knowing what to expect.  They were challenged from the beginning to demonstrate creativity, leadership and innovation. They are the 57 members of The American Legion College class of 2014, among them, Vance Crowder a member of American Legion Post 3 in Ely, Nevada.

Members of the class of dedicated Legionnaires completed a six-day course that saw them lay a solid foundation for becoming leaders in The American Legion at the post and state levels.  Videos and interactive discussions were used to stimulate thought and creative thinking.  Working with their peers from around the country provided everyone with an opportunity to experience various challenges and find successful solutions.  They were also provided the instruction and tools to construct resolutions for American Legion activities at their respective posts for presentation at a mock department meeting.

The National American Legion College is designed to reinforce a volunteer’s leadership, management mentorship and communication skills.  This helps prepare young members of The American Legion to lead the nation’s largest wartime veterans organization on the local and state level.  The importance of mentorship for both other members and special groups in the community was a central point to several of the activities for the class.

“You are here because your departments believe in you,” American Legion National Commander Mike Helm told the graduating class. “Some in your department believe you have the ability to provide positive leadership for your American Legion. By completing the challenging tasks placed before you over the last week, you have proven that your departments were wise in their judgment.”