Agassi1After finishing off Agassi Prep without dropping a game in the double-header of the Ladycat’s final home game of the season, coach Kenna Almberg couldn’t help but smile. Her team finished the regular season at 15-1 in conferenceplay, a career high for Almberg. Now, with a week of practices to go before playing in the state championship tournament against Calvary Chapel, the Ladycats will enter as the top seed, another first for the coach.

It is the kind of thing worth smiling about.

“It feels great,” Almberg said shortly after the two convincing wins against Agassi Prep. “There is just a connection here. I can put any six girls out on the floor and feel confident.”

The Ladycat’s never were in fear of losing their back to back games against the now 1-14 Agassi stars. Senior Jaden Earnest led the team with 18 aces and 19 assists. But while the games were short and one-sided, Almberg noticed that she still has to work on fixing small mental errors in the team’s serving game if they hope to beat the tougher competition in the state tournament.

“We are going to work on team building things. We’ll work on mind strengthening. I think there is no doubt that our physical ability is there, there is no doubt about that, we just need to  be able to fix these mistakes,” Almberg said, referring to the multiple times the Ladycats hit a serve into the net, resulting in turning over the ball.

In addition to the varsity squad, the junior variety Ladycat team also rolled on with back to back victories over the Agassi Stars. Led by Maryn Van Tassell’s six kills, Nina Lopez’s five aces and Haylee Andre’s five digs, Almberg said that the younger team looks promising for future seasons.

“We have a strong junior varsity team and that will be a huge advantage over the next few years,” Almberg said.

The junior varsity Ladycat’s completed there season a perfect 6-0.