To the Editor,

I want to extend my deepest gratitude to you, the voters of White Pine County, for your overwhelming support in this General Election. You let your voice be heard that you value experience, qualifications, education, and competence in your future County Clerk. You support quality customer service, integrity, and proven performance.  You made the right choice. I will continue to work hard and base my choices on what is best for the wonderful people of White Pine County. You can count on the same professional courtesy that you’ve come to expect from me and my office. I am extremely honored to be the victor in the Clerk’s race and truly appreciate each and everyone of you that made this possible. Thank you.

Nichole Baldwin

Newly Elected White Pine County Clerk

To the Editor,

Myself and members of the City Council have been receiving numerous requests as to the status of the Railroad’s forensic audit.  The audit is now going forward and at this time the completion date is unknown.  Once the auditors investigation has concluded,  the City Council will consider a possible open meeting to discuss all issues pertaining to the audit results.  The management Board will be asked to participate also.  Thank you,

Mayor Van Camp